Knitting Naugties?

Porn I'd like to see: knitting fetish.

Convert Thunderbird Subscriptions to OPML

From Kevin Hemenway, O'Reilly Network:

With the release of Thunderbird 1.0, there's still the missing ability to export OPML files of your RSS subscriptions. After the jump, I'll explain how to generate your own OPML file based on Thunderbird's feeds.rdf, as well as how to alphabetically sort your subscription list. Read more from this post.

Favorite X-Files Episode

Another favorite X-Files episode: Season Six's "Triangle".

Game Studies Volume 4, Issue 1 Released

From Kevin Hemenway, O'Reilly Network:

"Game Studies is a crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to games research, web-published several times a year. Our primary focus is aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games. Our mission - To explore the rich cultural genre of games; to give scholars a peer-reviewed forum for their ideas and theories; to provide an academic channel for the ongoing discussions on games and gaming." Volume 4, Issue 1 has just been released... Read more from this post.

Fort and Categories

Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned (thanks sbp):

Or that red is not positively different from yellow: is only another degree of whatever vibrancy yellow is a degree of: that red and yellow are continuous, or that they merge in orange.

So then that, if, upon the basis of yellowness and redness, Science should attempt to classify all phenomena, including all red things as veritable, and excluding all yellow things as false or illusory, the demarcation would have to be false and arbitrary, because things colored orange, constituting continuity, would belong on both sides of the attempted border-line.

As we go along, we shall be impressed with this: That no basis for classification, or inclusion and exclusion, more reasonable than that of redness and yellowness has ever been conceived of.

To Play Or Not To Play: Non-Human Characters

From - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

Should you allow a player to play a non-human character or not? In this article I attempt to list some of the pitfalls associated with playing these characters and how to avoid them in your sessions. Read more from this post.

Cleaning Out My Closet #7

More fun weirdo stuff from my past uploaded!

Back in 1998 (July 12th was the filestamp), I went around trying to get people to ask me if I'd like to see them semi-nude. But, not just boring old emails (tooOO simple), but rather, record themselves saying it into a microphone (as opposed to, say, a shoe). Happily, I got nine submissions which I archived privately for posterity. Now they're available publicly and perversely (I've maintained the original psuedonyms of the folks who sent them in; I suspect some have changed). I'd have to say my favorite is definitely poisyn_doll.wav, with ickie_pantsoff.wav a close second.

I'd also like to reopen and reannounce the submission process - if you'd like to record yourself saying some variation of "Morbus, would you like to see me semi-nude?", then I will most assuredly post them in a more timely manner than six and a half years later. Just drop me an email (.wav and .mp3 files are preferred).

30 Years of Adventure

From - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

The inside book jacket explains that "(t)his book is a celebration of that phenomenon (D&D, natch) and a tribute to the millions of players who brought the Dungeons & Dragons experience to life." When I think of tributes, I think of missing man formations flying over stadiums, of 21-gun salutes and taps played on a lone bugle. Read more from this post.

Cleaning Out My Closet #6a

In response to my previous entry, cskaterun in #swhack says that I "portrayed teenagers in a not so good way". To which I immediately replied that when I was in school, the girls weren't giving blowjobs in bathrooms, nor was it a nonchalant affair. Hell, they were wearing regular old panties under their skirts, not like the thong-teasing youth of today. Damn my age, damn my age!

And, even if they were giving blowjobs when I was in school, I would never have gotten one -- I have a mortal fear of public bathrooms and it all relates to this traumatic experience I had when I was very young (less than 10, I'd suspect). I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, so every Sunday we'd head off to church, yadda yadda yadda. Welp, one day I had to take a piss, so off I scampered to the church bathroom, ready to let "a stream of amber urine flow from my dick".

And then the lights went off. Me, being a youngin', opened the stall door and walked out with my pants around my ankles whimpering to "turn the lights back on". And on the lights came at the behest of a "big kid", who proceeded to laugh and point, point and laugh, Mortal Kombat Humiliation, and so on. That was Jehovah's Bathroom Incident #1. The second one occurred at a religious convention in Massachusetts. Since there are a kazillion people there, the bathrooms are uber chaotic and filled with folks. Always nervous about a relapse of the first experience, but "really having to go", I sat down and began my business, only to have the door kicked open by someone else, also apparently "really having to go". He promptly apologized, but I assure you, my bowels flowed faster than I would normally have preferred.

Both of those things combined to ill effect on my impressionable youth, and today I can't use a public bathroom unless it is totally empty. And if it is, my goat reflexes are always on the alert for interlopers, and I've been known to cut short any attempt, or not even begin, if there's too much commotion around. Damn Jehovah's Witnesses scarred me for life!

Cleaning Out My Closet #6

There's a good chance that if you were a male teenager maturing with the 'Net, you engaged in cybersex or blatant flirting with someone who may or may not have been female. It's probably rarer that you archived this momentous occasion, but I did (naturally) and am now sharing it with you. This session was conducted back in the middle of 1997 (July 29th) at a friend's house in a private AOL chatroom, with both of us adding our own spin to the debauchery taking place. I think it's pretty obvious when, exactly, his stepfather came home and started talking and roaming around the bright screen of sin and saddism (he was, in fact, a priest or reverend of some kind).

This wasn't my first exploration with sex or pornography... far from it, in fact. Besides the elementary and junior high "black market" days where I earned money reselling porn magazines, one of the very early "before Disobey was known as Disobey" products was "porn packs" with a twist. These "porn packs" were simple zip files of JPEGs (roughly 20 to 30 pictures each), sent out through email lists hosted on AOL. One of them was called "Godzilla Vs. The Shemales" and contained an equal helping of shemale photos and Godzilla posters or stills. Another was "Long Dongs, Super Schlongs, and Purple Hearts", which contained images of incredibly endowed men and a hastily drawn purple heart in Microsoft Paint. Nowadays, if I brought back the porn packs, I'd definitely have one entitled "Butter Dogs, Milk Maids, and Aunt Jemima".

Anyways, this seemed all "normal" to me, partially because my mother decided that there was no such need for the "talk" when she could just buy me a subscription to Playboy. Porn and nudity was nothing big or exciting, and by the time I could legally partake in its pleasure, it had grown old, boring, and without much blatant arousal (I instead preferred, and prefer, "erotica", "art nudes", and the non-nude thongs, upskirts, seethroughs, accidentals, and other perversions and "oddities"). It's with this equal "what's the big deal?" attitude that I write this post, and publish said log. Enjoy!


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