Cleaning Out My Closet #6

There's a good chance that if you were a male teenager maturing with the 'Net, you engaged in cybersex or blatant flirting with someone who may or may not have been female. It's probably rarer that you archived this momentous occasion, but I did (naturally) and am now sharing it with you. This session was conducted back in the middle of 1997 (July 29th) at a friend's house in a private AOL chatroom, with both of us adding our own spin to the debauchery taking place. I think it's pretty obvious when, exactly, his stepfather came home and started talking and roaming around the bright screen of sin and saddism (he was, in fact, a priest or reverend of some kind).

This wasn't my first exploration with sex or pornography... far from it, in fact. Besides the elementary and junior high "black market" days where I earned money reselling porn magazines, one of the very early "before Disobey was known as Disobey" products was "porn packs" with a twist. These "porn packs" were simple zip files of JPEGs (roughly 20 to 30 pictures each), sent out through email lists hosted on AOL. One of them was called "Godzilla Vs. The Shemales" and contained an equal helping of shemale photos and Godzilla posters or stills. Another was "Long Dongs, Super Schlongs, and Purple Hearts", which contained images of incredibly endowed men and a hastily drawn purple heart in Microsoft Paint. Nowadays, if I brought back the porn packs, I'd definitely have one entitled "Butter Dogs, Milk Maids, and Aunt Jemima".

Anyways, this seemed all "normal" to me, partially because my mother decided that there was no such need for the "talk" when she could just buy me a subscription to Playboy. Porn and nudity was nothing big or exciting, and by the time I could legally partake in its pleasure, it had grown old, boring, and without much blatant arousal (I instead preferred, and prefer, "erotica", "art nudes", and the non-nude thongs, upskirts, seethroughs, accidentals, and other perversions and "oddities"). It's with this equal "what's the big deal?" attitude that I write this post, and publish said log. Enjoy!