Ray Liotta Locks In Dungeon Siege Role

From Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

Ray Liotta has joined the cast of "Dungeon Siege," a sword-and-sorcery movie based on the million-selling PC game franchise. Liotta will play the film's villain, Gallian. Read more from this post.

Thieves' Rant

From Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

People play thieves for their abilities; climbing, pickpocket, lockpicking, and in some games stealth and backstab. These are useful skills for any "adventurer" (a term I hate; it's not like you can put "Adventurer" on your resume) but there is more to a thief than just some cool skills. Read more from this post.

Cold Hard World: Sourcebook for Dead Inside

From Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

Okay, so you've read Dead Inside (DI) (or my review) and want more? How about taking a tour in the Real World as revealed by the first DI supplement Cold Hard World: The Real World Sourcebook for the Dead Inside RPG? Read more from this post.

Note to self regarding feet.

I'm back from my five day trip. Note to self: feet are just like any other muscle... when you underuse them, they wither and die just like anything else. After having spent the last seven years of my life, literally, sitting in a chair upwards of, literally, 15 hours a day, being on my feet for 6-9 hours for four days straight was rather unbearable. Intense pains (the bottom of my feet and the sides of my shins), numerous blisters, and shoes that just weren't made for that kind of activity (or so I'd like to catalyst) caused my explorations to be both enjoyable and downright agonizing. No signs of Bigfoot.

Oh, and sorry Phil.

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

I'm leaving for five days, heading to northern Manitoba to investigate the Bigfoot sighting up there (with the newest video airing on A CURRENT AFFAIR tomorrow). If I don't return (ie. die a horrible miserable death), I'd like all my copyrighted works, implicit or otherwise, to revert to Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution-ShareAlike status. My death has to be confirmed, of course, but I'll be sure to post a message shortly after my successful return so as to put at ease those vultures lavishing over my delectable rights.

My cover story, of course, is that I'm going to Disney World.

Gamegrene: Ghyll Round 2 Starting Soon

From Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

Eight months ago, Gamegrene launched an interactive worldbuilding and roleplaying exercise called Ghyll. Constrained to a small set of rules and the intent of building an integrated encyclopedia where Truth is further refined with each entry, Round 1 is nearly finished, and Round 2 is set to begin in the middle of May. If you're interested in playing, start reading. Read more from this post.

Dead Inside

From Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

Killed and looted your way to boredom? Try healing and giving stuff away! Does it bother you when your roleplaying degenerates into roll playing? Do your games sound like "I try to hit him" (rolls) "Does a 17 hit?" instead of "Gritting my teeth, I open my mouth in a wordless yell, raise my sword above my head and, heedless of defense, I strike with all my might." Tired of killing, looting, plundering, stealing, mayhem, and combat with monsters/villains for little reason? Try Dead Inside. Read more from this post.

+5 is Player, Not Character, Skill?

From Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

Gamestop has an interview with one of the guys behind the forthcoming D&D MMORPG: "As another example, Troop explained that according to the standard pen-and-paper rules, high-level characters gain "base attack bonuses" that increase their chances to strike true in combat. This ability will be represented by special attacks that can be pulled off with good timing. So a fighter character with a +5 attack bonus might have a five-part sword attack that can be pulled off by clicking the mouse button in a correctly timed fashion." Read more from this post.

Is D&D To Blame For A Multiple Murder?

From Gamegrene.com - For The Gamer Who's Sick Of The Typical:

A South Jersey man is being held without bail on charges that he stabbed three people to death. District Attorney Bruce Casto is investigating a possible connection to Dungeons & Dragons. Read more from this post.

Zombie Tales #1

John Rogers from Kung Fu Monkey (who whored a link to Gamegrene recently) wrote to let me know of his story in the upcoming ZOMBIE TALES #1, a new comic series from BOOM!Studios. "Most of us are gamers", he pleaded, hoping desperately for a green beacon of sickness to shine his way. He's lucky there's the In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse thread, but doubly so that I just received a press release on a new documentary concerning the real zombies of Haiti. Here's hoping ZOMBIE TALES is good -- I've grown very sick of THE WALKING DEAD (which started out great and then, uh, started sucking. Ass.) And no, I didn't like SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Best sorta-related-to-zombies movie I've seen in the past three years? PREMUTOS: LORD OF THE LIVING DEAD, which had the coolness of counting its number of kills and displaying them at the end of the movie, just begging for oneupmanship. Bitches. Anyways... His run from ZOMBIE TALES, "Daddy Smells Different": cover, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


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