Wherefore Art Thou?

It's been a long time, but I feel like I'm sorta almost kinda coming outta a deep dark place. Not a negative place, mind you, but one created by my desire to do too many things at once. I subscribe to roughly a dozen magazines, and I read them cover to cover. If I don't, then they're not worthy of my subscription.

A year or two ago, I started heavily tech writing, as you probably know. All this writing and deadline crap ate into the time I actually got to idly read, as opposed to produce. And the magazines and comics piled up, higher and higher, eventually meeting my hip.

I, happily and deliberately, got out of technical writing a year or so ago, and began catching up on my reading. And finally, as of today, my pile is down to a meagre ten or so issues. I've unsubscribed from three, reshifted my magazine storage system a few times to handle all the issues I was completing, and for the last month or so, been fervently attempting one rag a night (which I've nearly done).

The increased rate was due to a new (old) focus: Gamegrene. When MovableType went evil, I started a prolonged immersion into Drupal, which took a month of feverish activity, patching, and CVS merging (the new site is finally live - take a look!). It was a good time to do this - with the upcoming GenCon, there were a number of new books I wanted (you can read all about it in the 2nd Edition announcement). I promised myself that I'd give those books my full attention when they came out, which meant catching up on everything else.

Thus began my descent into the darkness, surrounded by stacks of magazines, bookmarks, and emails. I'd happy to say, unlike Sadako, I am making progress clawing my way out. I've no more bookmarks to read (well, for right now - I fear my "Daily Reading" collcetion), ten magazines to go, and only about 30 emails to answer.


Freeze Week Begins

From Gamegrene.com:

Starting Monday, and lasting no longer then the end of the month (we hope), is Freeze Week - a Morbus-induced brownout of no new comments and articles for your beloved Gamegrene. Why? Quite simply, something much better this way comes, Gamegrene Second Edition, and we need a bit of time to do the changeover. Comments, concerns, and questions may be addressed to morbus@disobey.com, but until the unveiling, all attempts at commenting will redirect you here. (morbus) Read more from this post.

Online Role-Playing with NWN - A DM's Perspective

From Gamegrene.com:

Recently I've been considering different ways of refreshing my gaming experience. After all, I've played for 15 years now, and although different games and different players have brought me varied experiences, eventually one settles into a rut and it can be a rough trend to buck. Gamegrene has a stable of writers who form a strong community to support the hobby, luckily. And for my part, I would like to add an experience with a (sort of) new and long-awaited aspect of our favorite pastime. (steelbuddha) Read more from this post.

GPK, Series 2

Is anyone else into the latest Garbage Pail Kids (Series 2)? I bought two boxes, went through my first one, and I'm still working on completing a full set. I'm interested in trading with others. I've foil and stink duplicates. morbus@disobey.com if you're curious.

Nik Naks

From Gamegrene.com:

Nik Nak is a term I use for anything extra I add to a gaming campaign. Nik Naks are things my group and I have created

Getting Gaming News

From Gamegrene.com:

For a new feature we're planning for Gamegrene, we'd like to know where you get your gaming news. Whether it's console, computer, or paper, we're interested in knowing the sites, magazines, and trusted advisors you visit on a regular basis. (morbus) Read more from this post.

New World Of Darkness Comes To Light

From Gamegrene.com:

Unless you have been living under a tombstone, you have likely heard that White Wolf has unleashed the forces of Gehenna, Apocalypse and the like to bring the World of Darkness to an end after 13 years. (Pareidolic) Read more from this post.

Gaming PC Recommendations

A friend of a friend of a friend is looking to buy new gaming hardware, and someone recommended to him Falcon Northwest. Anyone heard of 'em? Any comments on quality, reputation, etc? Email morbus@disobey.com and wax poetic, eh?

What's My Armor Class?

From Gamegrene.com:

A few years ago, I decided I'd try an experiment with my players. We had been playing in the same fantasy campaign for many years, but we'd gotten to the point where we wanted to start fresh. At the time, most members of the group didn't really care if we abandoned our campaign world or not. Everybody seemed to be itching to start fresh with new PC's. Things with the "old world" had gotten, well, old. Time to start over, so to speak. (Rogue Githyanki) Read more from this post.

Disillusioned with MMORPGs

From Gamegrene.com:

Square Enix's FINAL FANTASY XI (FFXI) is the first massively multiplayer online role playing game I actually sat down to "play" as opposed to merely "dabble in". After spending 120+ hours of playing since the release of the PS2 version, I'm seriously weighing whether to cancel my account, for a number of factors described herein. The biggest issue seems to be the "massively multiplayer role playing" part. (morbus) Read more from this post.


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