Cyberpunk 203X: A Chat With Mike Pondsmith

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One of the most hotly anticipated games of the new millennium has been R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk 203X, the third incarnation of the definitive Cyberpunk RPG. After some rethinking, restructuring and much grumbling by fans (myself included), it appears that there's finally a neon light on the horizon. Read more from this post.

Maintenance Cycle Continues

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For those wondering "what the hell happened to recent posts?", please bear with us. This is part of the planned Maintenance Cycle I alluded to at the end of November. We're undergoing some style changes here, and today is the day we're striving to add the new category system to all the articles (which is why the recent posts is crazy - it's seeing the article modifications as new data you'd be interested in). The new category system was in place when the site first switched to its new backend, we just never found the free time to address all the previous content. Read more from this post.

With Greater Sadness...

I've gotten, to my surprise, a few sympathetic comments and similar agreeances regarding my previous post lamenting that I've not yet created my Important Work, such as the Lord of the Rings. Steve Mallet responds:

I feel this way now. I really thought I was forging a trail in my work with open source, but I was really just at the front of the train. While that is fine for being a bit of a soothsayer it does little to appease the artist's heart for truly creating something beautiful.

One small consolation is that Tolkien was in his sixties when Lord of the Rings was finally "finished" and published, so I've got a good thirty more years of soul searching, excellence striving, grieving, and then pitiful acceptance of my fate. Kick ass.

With Great Sadness...

Yesterday, I watched all three extended LORD OF THE RINGS movies, it being my first time seeing the second and third (second time seeing the first). I started at 4 PM in the afternoon, and ended at 4 AM in the morning, the longest I've stayed up for two or three years. I didn't feel tired at all, quite odd when I normally hit the hay around midnight (I long ago eschewed the need for all night hacking sessions, instead desiring to just be overly "productive" at all regular hours irregardless).

The movies, (though, or perhaps, because) incredible, left me with an immense depression that they were finished... I awoke from a night of LOTR-related dreams with an immense need for "closure", and I scoured for an old copy of RETURN OF THE KING to re-read the last chapter, and watched the "end of production" related extras.

I was hit with an immense feeling of inadequacy - perhaps aggravated by my recent complaints on #swhack that "i think i'm doing good work now, just like i thought years ago when i wrote that. and ten years from now, i'm gonna look back on today and grow just as weary as I do now. I suck". Where is my Lord of the Rings?

And with that (and this), I fell (fall) into a downtrodden mood, near crying.

How to Get the Game You Want

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No one should feel they have to play in a bad game. I'm sure you've heard the story as often as I have. "I have a crappy DM, but I have to play in his game if I want to play at all." Here are three basic steps to getting the game you want: pick your players, pick your game, set the stage. Get the game you want. Read more from this post.

Michael Crichton Speeches

Favorite X-Files Episode

Wonderful timing. Another favorite X-Files episode: "How The Ghosts Stole Christmas".

Nik Naks 2

Infernal Devices

Japanese Suicide

The BBC article Japan's internet 'suicide clubs' reminds me of LAST NIGHT and SUICIDE CLUB, both movies you've probably never heard of, but should see at least once.

EDIT [2012-04-02]: For commenters using this film-related post for something it's not, note that I wipe all comments on a regular basis. I don't really want this crap clogging mah pipes.


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