Cleaning Out My Closet #7

More fun weirdo stuff from my past uploaded!

Back in 1998 (July 12th was the filestamp), I went around trying to get people to ask me if I'd like to see them semi-nude. But, not just boring old emails (tooOO simple), but rather, record themselves saying it into a microphone (as opposed to, say, a shoe). Happily, I got nine submissions which I archived privately for posterity. Now they're available publicly and perversely (I've maintained the original psuedonyms of the folks who sent them in; I suspect some have changed). I'd have to say my favorite is definitely poisyn_doll.wav, with ickie_pantsoff.wav a close second.

I'd also like to reopen and reannounce the submission process - if you'd like to record yourself saying some variation of "Morbus, would you like to see me semi-nude?", then I will most assuredly post them in a more timely manner than six and a half years later. Just drop me an email (.wav and .mp3 files are preferred).