back issues

Issue Forty (11/19/98)
So last issue Morbus wrote some stupid self-help thing. He expected a number of unsubscriptions because of it. Instead, he got resounding yells of "More! More!" Because of this, we present, sadly, for the second time in Devil Shat History, another self help article, finishing up the series. Contains: Goals to Achieving Inner Peace, Part Two by Morbus.
Issue Thirty Nine (11/05/98)
In Thirty Eight issues of Devil Shat, Morbus has never tried to inspire anyone, nor make them go home with a nice happy feeling. And then, for some strange reason, he goes out and writes a piece entitled "Goals to Inspire Inner Peace". Don't ask why. He had too much orange soda. Contains: Goals to Achieving Inner Peace, Part One by Morbus.
Issue Thirty Eight (10/22/98)
Someone caught us. On the main page of Disobey, Devil Shat is described as the "epitome of pointlessness". So this person sent us the most pointless submission that one could think of. Well, we had to save face somehow. So we made this rousing comparison between the submission and looking through people's garbage. Yup. Contains: Another Man's Dictionary by Morbus and IGNORE the HYPE.
Issue Thirty Seven (10/08/98)
It is very hard to shock people nowadays, especially the Internet Culture: those who have, purportedly, seen it all. And Morbus explains why with seven statements that sound shocking, and offensive, but just aren't. From sex to media to blowing up the world, this is a sho... um... a showdown. Yeah. That's it. Contains: Shock and the Meaning of Implication by Morbus.
Issue Thirty Six (09/24/98)
People are getting sick about Clinton now, but still the "controversy" continues... testimonies being released, Tripp being accused of so much more... the question is: who the hell cares? The strange answer: Morbus thinks he does. Along with his comments, expect to find a look into animal rights and the code of the Law. Contains: Trite Bright by Morbus and Animal Rights: The Wrongs! by Colin Lodder.
Issue Thirty Five (09/10/98)
Morbus gets all pissed off because of a phone call, and starts ranting about the Planet of the Apes, Cults, and the Constitution. Don't ask how. And to top it all off, appearing for the first time, PushPop tells you to how to write for the New Age Movement, and how to have fun with it. The "Normalcy Counter" would be proud. Contains: Arghh, I'm Mad by Morbus and How To Write for the New (but getting very old) Age Movement by PushPop.
Issue Thirty Four (08/27/98)
Morbus was a little tired when he set down to write this issue, and along with homely duties and homely annoyances, it proved to be a bad time for thinking. Instead of thinking this issue, read two pieces that blur the lines between fiction and reality... meet the ScratchyLady and Warren Cassidy. Contains: The Sacrificial Nothing by Morbus and The Sacred Head by Morbus.
Issue Thirty Three (08/13/98)
The second and final issue in the "legalizing drugs" bruhah, Morbus finishes up his criticism with the final four reasons as well as taking a look at the "alternatives" that the writer presented. And see how many obscure references to TV shows you can find too! Folks, this is excitement. Contains: REBUTTAL: Legalize ALL Drugs? No!, Part Two by Morbus.
Issue Thirty Two (07/30/98)
So Morbus reads a lot, yay. But what happens when he reads an article about legalizing every single now illegal drug in America? The first of a two parter, expect to find Morbus giving a rebuttal to this whole idea, and the article he read. And part two of a long forgotten series. Contains: REBUTTAL: Legalize ALL Drugs? No!, Part One by Morbus and G. Nih Ton Saves You, Part Two by g. nih ton.
Issue Thirty One (07/16/98)
What Would Jesus Do if he saw Devil Shat? Would he read it, and respond in kind, or claim it sacrilegious and destroy us? Know your enemies, my son. And hey! What if we cut off men's penises (penii?)? Would that stop the rape problem? And finally, women in media: breasts like an ass? Contains: What Would Jesus Do? by Morbus, Rape, Again? by Morbus and Discordia's Opinion Changes Rarely by Discordia.
Issue Thirty (07/02/98)
In a nutshell, Disobey got hacked. In a word, we were pissed. In an epiphany, we laughed. In a fit of humor, we wrote this issue. In a fit of realization, we solved nothing. But... in a state of zen-induced thoughtstreams, we knew that this felt good. Contains: The Hacker's Manifesto, 1998 by Morbus and Stillborn.
Issue Twenty Nine (06/18/98)
If the "Hot New Medium Is... Email", then why the hell aren't we using it as such? Sure, we can send one of our things to our friends, and say "read it", but what about the million of other people who want to see it too? In this issue, we talk about why people miss the point of "push" entirely. Contains: Let's Miss The Point Entirely by Morbus.
Issue Twenty Eight (06/04/98)
Morbus goes off on something incredibly pointless this issue, and in essence, contributes nothing worthwhile. On the other hand, Wil Forbis pleads, "please let me kill you"... and this isn't a Burroughs book, so don't go complaining that you are depressed and lonely. It won't work. Contains: Something Stupid by Morbus and Please Let Me Kill You by Wil Forbis.
Issue Twenty Seven (05/21/98)
A taboo issue is cannibalism. Or incest. Or parent abuse. But what about rape? Hold that intake of air. Rape is taboo. No one wants to talk about it, no one wants to recognize it, no one wants to cover it. Guess what? Devil Shat did... male and female viewpoints. Contains: Why Rape Means 'Hello' In Sign Language by Morbus and Morbus is a Nuthead by Ivy.
Issue Twenty Six (05/07/98)
It's pretty pathetic when we get so dependant on computers that a silly millennium gets our butts into bunches (butts into bunches, what the hell?). What else are we dependant on though? TV? Radio? Fast Food? Sex? Sweaty Palms? Perhaps Devil Shat? Contains: Let Us Depend On That Which Thinks Not by Morbus.
Issue Twenty Five (04/23/98)
So, it's the twenty fifth issue, and days until we become the big one year old. And this issue showcases the results of a little experiment we had a while back. So come read "Five Reasons Why We Don't Need Christianity" and a rebuttal piece which many of you jumped at. Contains: A Few Words by Morbus, Five Reasons We Don't Need Christianity by The Horseman and Five Reasons We Need Christianity by Truthserum.
Issue Twenty Four (04/09/98)
The world is coming to an end, but we have to fall back on an old standard: the Millennium. That damn asteroid decided not to hit us. So, this issue features The End of the World, Ignoring the World, and Saving the World. It's well-rounded for your needs. Share it with someone today. Contains: The End of the World and What I Did Instead by Morbus, Boredom / walking another night into the fog by Black Tyde and G. Nih Ton Saves You, Part One by g. nih ton
Issue Twenty Three (03/26/98)
Hey! It's the return of the Devil Shat Dictionary! If you hated it, don't worry, it's the last time. If you got some sort of hard-on for it, don't worry about it, we'll keep it continually updated. Also: G. Nih Ton tells you how to save the world. Contains: The Devil Shat Dictionary, Part Two by Morbus and G. Nih Ton Saves You, Intro by g.nih ton.
Issue Twenty Two (03/12/98)
Why Image is a Photograph, and why clothing makes the man and not the personality. Well, not really, but it's a good description. Also, wonder if God gives a care if you have plain cake or Valentine's cake, and why you want to be racist if you want to be infamous. Contains: Why Image is a Photograph by Morbus, Words, God and Bad Business Practices by Crash23, and Untitled #1 by g. nih ton.
Issue Twenty One (02/26/98)
The funny thing about this issue is that it isn't the right issue. Due to a stupid error on Morbus' part, he lost the article he had written, and had to splice something into the issue in it's place. So read about the Trix Rabbit, and why he should be black, and a little experiment that had many people chukling. Contains: Senses Modification by Morbus and The Trix Rabbit: A Product of Racism? by g. nih ton.
Issue Twenty (02/12/98)
Love, Love, Love. Love, Love, Love. Love-o-Ween. Sex, Sex, Sex. Sex, Sex, Sex. Love, Sex, and Thanks For All The Fish. And what exactly did come upon the love scene? A very sweet issue where we examine the evolution of love, the meaning of sex, and what Clinton has to do with it all. Besides almost nothing. Contains: Love, Sex and Thanks For All The Fish by Morbus and It Came Upon A Love Scene by Morbus.
Issue Nineteen (01/29/98)
I don't feel like describing this issue [g]. Wait, what the hell was that? [g]? Did I really just grin there? I don't think I did. Hmm. That's weird. Why did I type it if I didn't actually do it? Wow, this could be a decent article. Nah... no one would like it. Contains: You Are What You Type by Morbus.
Issue Eighteen (01/15/98)
Devil Shat gets a letter that says we have grown "boring". Why does this affect us so much? It comes from an old friend, and an old reader. What should we do? Your opinions matter to us. Oh yeah, we got some DUMP here too: more Geocities crap, more Tamagotchi crap, and more spammer crap. Contains: Indecision '98 by Morbus and THE DEVIL'S DUMP by various.
Issue Seventeen (01/01/98)
Happy Done-That Day: the time of year in which we increment a single digit, and nothing changes, besides the fact we get rip-roaring drunk. It means nothing anymore. Of course, killing a tree for christ might be something you would be interested in... along with the revolution. Contains: Happy Done-That Year by Morbus, Kill a Tree for Christ by Alex Boomer, and The Revolution by Tom Giddings.
Issue Sixteen (12/18/97)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We can bitch, we can moan, we can argue, we can intellectualize. But, do we have a warm spot? I dunno. But, hey, you know, this is our Christmas issue, and as such, it will want you to turn over a whole new leaf. No, really. Contains: All the Good Things by Sister Helen P. Mrosia.
Issue Fifteen (12/04/97)
Sure, we can spout long articles... now we spout long DEVIL'S DUMP... from spam, to automobiles from hell, to geocities stitial, and getting together with your family... there can only be one more thing: growing up. Or growing older. Find out why one word annoys the hell out of Morbus - it's stupid, he knows. Contains: THE DEVIL'S DUMP by various.
Issue Fourteen (11/20/97)
When even a dictionary doesn't know what culture is, how do we define it? And who are we? Are we a culture? Is the Internet the global community that will bring everyone together in happy harmony? Morbus explains in this one article issue. Contains: Are We A Culture? by Morbus.
Issue Thirteen (11/06/97)
A long time ago during a zine's birth, there was an article entitled "Why Evil is Becoming Cool". It has changed however. Evil is cool, and Morbus explains why. And then read a little thing about madness, and how we should just give into its sweet embrace. Contains: Why Evil is Cool by Morbus and Madness by Cris Brafman.
Issue Twelve (10/23/97)
Sure, suicide is a way out. It's a horrible way out which Morbus hates. When suicide jumps on to the web, the ultimate attention medium, can you be sure if it is real or fake? Does it matter? Life always comes back to haunt you. Contains: Suicide and the Web by Morbus and The Antique Store by Morbus.
Issue Eleven (10/09/97)
Peace has been harped about for long enough... this issue we explain why peace is simply impractical. We also tell why ICQ is the devil (and yes, we sent them a copy), and why everything we do is driven by that funny thing we call a libido. Contains: Why Peace is Impractical by Morbus, Why ICQ is the Devil by Morbus and Fuck You by Ryan Bolin.
Issue Ten (09/25/97)
A Devil Shat Dictionary of previous issues commerates our tenth installment, as well as a passing of a friend. Terms you should know or learn. Find out exactly what we mean. It's kinda funny, too. Contains: The Devil Shat Dictionary, Part One by Morbus and Letting Go by Morbus.
Issue Nine (09/11/97)
I want a clone. So does the military. Are we playing God? All are explained as well as BBC's "TeleTubbies" and a healthy dose of the Devil's Dump. Eh oh! Watch out for the TubbyCustard. Contains: Cloning by Morbus, Teletubbies: Watching You Watching Them Watching You by Peter Stokes, and THE DEVIL'S DUMP by various.
Issue Eight (08/28/97)
It is about time someone finally said this: your life is void. You mean nothing. Along with killing all the prisoners, and a story highlighting more than you think, this issue is one you might hate. Contains: Your Life is Void by Morbus, Kill All the Prisoners and Mother Sow and The Piglets by C. Barry Slough.
Issue Seven (08/14/97)
It's been talked about to death, and now you can hear it from Morbus: the Microsoft and Apple thingy merger thing. Also: can making cigarettes illegal bring any good at all? And find out why Wired received two "dammit"s. Contains: Shocking News by Morbus, JUST DO IT: Make Smoking Illegal by Morbus, and THE DEVIL'S DUMP by various.
Issue Six (08/01/97)
Pledge and Prayer. What do they have to do with school? Should they be there? Are they one and the same? Is the flag our God, or should our hearts be? And how does Zimbabwe fit into all of this? Does it all really matter? Contains: Prayer in School? by Morbus and Pledge in School? by Morbus.
Issue Five (06/11/97)
Issue Five describes everything that happened with AOL, along with why we got kicked off (because of issue four) and all the controversy that surrounded it. Do we hate AOL for it? Did we make people cry? Was AOL wrong? Are we better off from it? Probably. Contains: Why We Got Kicked Off by Morbus.
Issue Four (05/13/97)
What is the Patriotic White Aryan Movement? A piece of sick drivel that attempts to destroy all we have built up. Hear our reasonings, questions, and debates about this racist propaganda. We've gotten more misunderstandings with this piece than all of Devil Shat combined. Find out why. Contains: This is Sick by Morbus.
Issue Three (05/07/97)
You Just Have To Wonder about this world, and Morbus gives you a bunch of reasons why. And discover why we get sick of saying "Did You Read It?" Stupidity is winning this ballgame. Contains: You Just Have to Wonder by Morbus and Two Points for Stupidity by Morbus.
Issue Two (05/02/97)
A speech about what friends are and what to do with them (or what not to do with them), and a discussion about virii and the world's paranoia (it's everywhere! argh! don't touch me!) grace Devil Shat Two. Contains: Ahk! What are Friends? by Morbus and A Point for Stupidity by Morbus.
Issue One (05/01/97)
Do you watch TV? Sure, we all do. And now you can learn how to depend on it. And we all hate poetry more than you know - mindless stringing of verbs together IS NOT art, but hey, we got a goth poem here! But... who the hell is Wannabe Goth? Contains: Ask the TV by Morbus and A Poor Attempt at Goth Poetry by wannabe goth.