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this is sick
by Morbus

I feel the need to clarify the reasonings for the following article. And as such, if you are easily offended, I suggest you move on to the next issue. What follows is sick, disgusting, twisted, and very difficult for me to grasp as a realistic part of society. What follows is the program for the Patriotic White Aryan Movement. Why do we include this? Because, it is something we feel we need to be educated more about. It allows us to focus our hate (or for some people, love) on something concrete. And, as a whole, we believe that it will dispel ignorance. Why do we feel that way?

Because often people make decisions based on what they don't know about. They see certain things (such as satanists, book titles, company names, political races, and so much more) as only good or bad or black and right. Well, there are good and bad things to everything. All we see has a grey area, we only need to search hard enough to find it. So, although disobey as a company disagrees wholly and with no respite, we feel that to ignore it would only make us as ignorant as the people who write this.

We know this will offend many people, but that is not our purpose. Our purpose is to give us reason to dislike people like this. To give us a reason and knowledge and a more powerful argument should we ever find the need to debate the Movement. The Movement is in purple, our comments in grey.



The Patriotic White Aryan Movement (PAWM) has as its objective the racial, ethnic, and moral cleansing of North America. We intend to unite Canada and the United States into a single, White, Christian, English-speaking nation, a homogeneous country with absolutely no place for or tolerance of racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic, or cultural minorities.

Why is it called PAWM when it is the Patriotic White Aryan Movement?


a. PAWM would prefer to assume power by legal means, but we regard the present governments of the United States and Canada as illegal, corrupt and immoral. Thus we consider it our God-given right to resort to extraordinary means to seize power as well.

A couple of questions here. Why is our government illegal? Because we have gotten past the ignorant idea that those "of the minor races" are inferior? That where we are today is as integral a part of everyone's society, and not just White Aryan. Also, are you not also playing God? It is our God-given right? I don't believe your God ever intended for you to choose who should live and who shouldn't live. Or whether you should decide which is better of God's creations. And to "seize power as well"... as well as what? Do you also intend to enact further transgressions?

b. Once we have assumed power our first order of the day will be to unite the United States and Canada, renaming the country Aryania.

c. Our second task will be to implement compulsory nation-wide DNA testing for racial purity.

The word "compulsory" is very important here. As the most widely used definition, compulsory is "required, mandatory, obligatory"... no big deal there. But it is also "using compulsion, compelling; constraining". Does this mean that if you get tested once and are "asked" to leave the country, you can get tested again and again before you leave? That if you show your "pass" or "verification", you can be accused of lying and then be beaten, and tested again like a lab rat? That you can be constrained against your will until your "results" come back, if ever?

d. Aryanian citizenship will only extended to those who can be shown to be racially pure unto the tenth generation, that is to say 1023 of 1024 forebears will have had to be pure White Aryans. Enough information about the history of the North American population now exists to make such a high and exacting racial standard feasible. Existing records of religious affiliation will be used to cull out: those who are racially white, but religiously, culturally, or ethnically impure (i.e. Jews); as well as all Asians, blacks, Middle Easterners, West Indians, Hispanics, Hawaiians, and, particularly, the special class of Asian immigrants erroneously and provocatively called Native Americans.

Such arrogance... "...religious, culturally, or ethnically impure..."?. Wow. Erroneous? Yup. Those we call Native Americans are not native americans. They are there own people. We called America, America. They called it their own land. We had degraded them into us, into something we could understand. So yes, it is erroneous, but not for the reasons the PAW Movement tries to imply.

e. The population of Aryania will consist of three elements:

1. Citizens, who are pure White Aryans in accordance with the definition and procedure described above;

2. Legal residents, who pass the racial qualifications, but who have cultural, ethnic, or linguistic impurities. They will be strongly encouraged to emigrate to their land of origin. As inhabitants of Aryania they will be subject to sterilization, forced abortions, or euthanasia of offspring conceived after the establishment of the country. Their underaged children at the time of the founding of the nation will not be granted the legal right of residence or any other civil rights upon reaching the age of majority, which will be twenty-five for non-citizens (as opposed to twenty for citizens), but will be regarded as transients.

Ugh, sure you can stay here, but everyday of your life we are gonna tell you to move back to whence you came. And where would all the PAWM people go? They seem to forget we ALL came to this land, and we all took it over for ourselves. I would love to hear their reasons for why they are "pure" enough to stay here, and no one else.

3. Transients, will be all people who do not fit into either of the two above categories. They will be given a three month grace period to find a country which will accept them as immigrants, liquidate their property, settle their affairs, and emigrate. An emigration tax of fifty percent of the net worth of their property shall be imposed on them as partial compensation for the social distress which their presence has caused in the past. After the expiration of the three month grace period the Aryanian government will have the right to intern all individuals who are neither citizens nor legal residents for an indefinite period, forcibly deporting them or using them as uncompensated labor in public-works projects, depending on its manpower needs. All of their property shall be confiscated by the state.

And let freedom ring throughout our glorious establishment... Evil. No more comments can be said about this.

f. The Aryanian government will be a minimalist one. Most of its energy will be devoted to sealing the borders and ensuring that racial purity is maintained within them. Its revenues will derive from the income from auctions for the right to profit from the labor of transients, the yield from the investment of the income which is generated from the auctioning off the property seized from non-citizens and other miscreants, and legal fees for granting private individuals the right to maintain registers of deeds to private property, including real estate and natural resources. There will be no income, sales, or inheritance taxes, nor will there be extraction fees. Natural resources will belong to whomever establishes a claim and exploits them.

This one makes me laugh. "Minimalist: a person who favors a moderate approach to, or who holds minimal expectations for, the achievement of specific goals or programs." Isn't the total antithesis of this definition what has made America what we are? Our striving to be the best, our willingness to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way, and our dedication to discovering new technologies and new advances? A minimalist society will only suffer from its own laziness. And a minimalist society whose sole major goal is to isolate oneself (as PAWM attempts to) will only become the lesser barbarians the combined forces of non-Aryans will inevitably fight.

Natural resources will belong to those who make claims to it. Ha. They will belong to those who can enforce and defend their claims to these resources, thus plunging Aryania into a Mad Max-ian society where war is what gets us what we want. There are so many aspects of a minimalist society that the author of this constitution has forgotten (be it purposely or mistakenly) that it would work only until the giddyness of Aryania wore off on its inhabitants.


PAWM is based on the premise that the most important aspect of a human being is his race, and that the ideal state should be devoted to the cultivation of racial purity. Race, culture, religion, and language are all inter-related, and a state which is racially pure will also be culturally, religiously, and linguistically pure as well. We can no longer allow the races and cultures that would destroy us to sap and impurify the vitality of the White Aryan race, impregnating our women, corrupting our culture, preaching the pernicious doctrine that all races are equal. All races are NOT equal, and no race can realize its true destiny if it has to waste precious time and energy competing with inferior ones in its own geographical and cultural ecospace. There is a racial war going on today: every time you listen to rock music, eat a slice of pizza or watch a Jew-made television show you are being given a not even subliminal message that your White heritage is somehow imperfect or inadequate. We can no longer permit anti-White indoctrination, anti-White infiltration, and anti-White cultural subversion to undermine our White Aryan heritage and identity.

You will hear more from our movement later. But now you know what is in store.

I never understood the distinction between race. Human beings are a race. Blacks, Jews, and Aryans are all subcultures of this race. There is no race among humans, merely different cultures.

I must admit though, that the following paragraphs in section 3 do have some merit, whether they are being interpreted for the wrong reasons: no race can realize its true destiny if it has to waste precious time and energy competing with inferior ones. How true this is, and how effective this comment can be modified to apply to a variety of situations.

However, the author doesn't let me forget why I hate this thing and all it stands for. Eating a piece of pizza? Or listening to rock music? Pfftt.. What about the paper that the PAWM constitution was written on? Or what about the work that was put in by the workers at the factory to create the pen? They are byproducts of non-Aryan societies, yet we use them. And why do Aryans speak English? Our english language is made up of words from hundreds of societies and languages, yet they use them as if they were Aryan. Perhaps they are "allowed" to use things that they have stolen from other societies? No... that wouldn't work because Americans make pizza with new recipes, yet the author proclaims that even that is corrupting your purity.

Our criticism is over. We would welcome challenges from like-minded people, Aryans, and others who support or are against our opinions and those set forth by PAWM. We only hope that they are intellectual and mature.

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I love this:

d. Aryanian citizenship will only extended to those who can be shown to be racially pure unto the tenth generation, that is to say 1023 of 1024 forebears will have had to be pure White Aryans.

Not even Adolf Hitler is that pure. He even has a very small Jewish ancestry (but not THAT small!). Good luck to this organization of zero people. As for me, I'm a colored Jew interbreeding with more colored people and making more colored children! To all the white supremacist crackers out there who don't like Affirmative Action and equal rights for blacks: Soon enough we'll repeal these. Because your recessive-gene traits can't stand up to a big Black genotype. So you'll all be assimilated and there won't be any of you left to fuss about darker brothers. So shut up.


I read issue four and I must say that one of your opinions of the PAWM is right on par with my own beliefs. You state that there really is nothing we can do about people like the PAWM, we can simply hope our children make the right decisions for our future. I hate to be a pessimist, but that's true. I hope that the next generations have brains enough to realize what utter, ignorant drivel the PAWM is spouting off, and that their ideas have absolutely no validity.

The sad fact is, there always will be people who are just as ignorant as the PAWM. The best explanation I ever saw for people like that came from the Kurt Vonnegut novel "Mother Night." In it, the main character states that the minds of the people with ignorant prejudices are like the gears of a clock. However, these gears have a few of the teeth filed away. Their minds run smoothly as anything until the missing teeth are reached, at which point the mind skips something, usually important, and keeps on running. These people just have something missing from their thought processes.

Come to think of it, I think I've read a bit too much Kurt Vonnegut. In the last few months, I've tended to disconnect myself from the world, wishing rather to observe from just outside than to immerse myself in all the trappings of modern life. I've had a chance to do a lot of thinking about my life and how I fit into the world. I have come to the realization that so much of what we call our lives is simply petty diversions and games which only make us wish for happiness more instead of going and doing what makes us happy.

The followers of the PAWM are simply occupying there lives with hate. Hate makes no one happy, especially the ones who are doing the hating. I doubt that the PAWM are very happy people, seeing that they are so militant and all that stupid destructive crap.

Anyways, I love Devil Shat. Please put me on your mailing list. I look forward to issue fifty-one.


I just got my first newsletter. I had to read issue four. And I would love to ask the Aryans this. Christians believe the Adam and Eve were made by God. OK. Who were Adam and Eve's kids replenishing the Earth with? It seems with each other. There isn't anything said about anyone else. Christians believe God flooded the earth. OK. Noah took two of everything and "His" family into the ark. After the flood they repopulated the earth. Seems to me that Noah's family was interracially married. Seems to me some more "familial sex" with relations was going on.

My point is, that when God saw that this way of repopulating the earth could/was produced/ing in some people with a marked drop in intelligence. Loving all his children as He does, He made some improvements to the Procreation Plan.

Unfortunately Aryans and other people who think as they do are still being reproduced from their ancestors. And we are still using the term "Inbreeding."


Great comments. Anyone interested in reading a book which describes a society such as the one PAWM envisions should read "The Man in the High Castle" by Philip K. Dick.

It takes place in a world where Germany won WWII, and Japan and Germany divided up the world. Slavery is still legal in the South and Arayanism is being exported to the Martian colony, only white, blue-eyed blonds need apply.


Restores my faith in America, I am so pissed off with the arrogant crap I normally have to read.


I cannot believe that someone would be so completely ignorant, intolerable, and "erroneous" in their words and beliefs. In my opinion these so-called "pure" White Aryans. They should be called pure racist bastards instead. Although now that I think about this, it doesn't surprise me that something like this could be written by American citizens. We teach our children and teenagers to hate people because of a certain group they are a part of, our because they are different than us. These White Aryans are merely the product of feeling inferior and being afraid of anyone who is different than them. Basically, anyone who is not white and Christian. I think that is all I have to say for now, I'm too disgusted. Thank you for listening, and thank you for the wonderful article.


man, those guys are intellectually on par with shit. they forget that they are invading upon land. The native americans had this way before anyone else, and further more their parents immigrated to this land. So what are they going to do. form a more perfect society so they can move out? Hell no, they'll come up with some other lie or regression to keep themselves happy. And what happens when they run out of resources? Are they going to declare war on a neighbooring island and steal its resources? will the POW's be forced into slavery. These people are on a short sited path of doom. All they can see is the immediate future. not how they will be fucking themselves up later down the road. They are like all americans are today. Why does that man reach and light up a cigarette? It is because the pleasure is immediate, the doctor removing his cancer ridden lung is 15 years down the road. You can't sell a parachute to an american until he has hit the ground. These people, no fuck that. they are no people. they are more comparative to meat eater things. These meat eater things really need to do a recheck on what they want, who they are, and what are they going to do later when an army compromised of unruly Ex-citizenry and the various armed forces of other nations comes howling for their blood.


Oh....I LOVED THAT!! I thought it was really gutsy and wotnot and uhmmm good and bad cuz when I was reading I SWEAR I kept seeing these people in my head just looking at the words and shaking their heads cuz they didn't see what was wrong with it. That's really interesting, I think....you know, when I read something like that, I really try to understand it...to see things from their POV cuz I just think you can get a much better grasp of things if you're able to understand (no matter how briefly) an opinion that goes against your own...if you can see how they're thinking for just one minute, then you can understand better why you feel they way you do (cuz I don't cotten to people who just say "I don't like it. I don't know why; I just don't like it!"). What bugs me, is that no matter how hard I try, I CANNOT see things from their POV! I know why I don't like the whole "YaY! We're white! We rock!" thing, but I don't know... not even a little bit...why they DO like it. That really irks me. I just think it's interesting that I'm holding an opinion which so many people think is right, and I feel somehow very narrow minded for the fact that I can't SEE any other opinion. Do you understand? I don't think being narrowminded can ever be a good thing, and it really bugs me to know that I am...even if I feel that I'm right, or others tell me I'm right. k...I'm not sure how much that makes sense...most people think it's great if you're 100% sure about whatever opinion you hold, but I really think it's a good thing to maybe be 80% or 90% cuz it makes me feel like I've looked at the situation more througholy and I really know what I'm talking about. Plus I don't trust people who belive 100%...doubting your opinions is the only way you really have of re-enforcing them. Making sure they're really YOUR opinions and not just someone elses pouded into your head.


Everytime I read one of these letters, I feel so much better. I have had the same questions... (well not all the same) about the aryan nations and their "ways". They seem to contradict themselves over and over again and yet people get sucked into that way of thinking every day. Anyway-the main reason I am writing a letter about this particular e-mail is because I want to commend the person or persons who responded to this program handbook (?) for their intelligent speech and eloquent writing style. At the same time I find myself repulsed by these words of the aryan nations, I also laugh. It doesn't take a genius to dissect what they are saying and realize... it's all a load of bull! It just goes to show you how many people in this country can be sucked into buying something from a slick talking salesman. They just eat the bull right up and walk around with a superior grin on their faces. It also amazes me. I have heard that many people are taken in by this flowery speech (that really makes no sense what so ever if you ever were to pick up and read a book or two (well there is a novel idea! think for yourself! Gasp!)) because they are lost... or don't know themselves. How is it that in this great country of ours... that (thank you) we came to, we scorn people for their individuality? It is no wonder people are lost. My question to you is....what can we do about it? Do you have some ideas on how we can stop the youth from being so angry and lost and hopeless that they get sucked into this group? I am not being sarcastic in anyway... I just feel that if I am going to bitch about it... I better also do something about it. I appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank you.

First off, I would like to thank you on your comments about my writing style.

Secondly... what can we do about it? Hmm... to be honest, I don't really know if there is anything we can do about it. Much like a religious person allowing their child to choose their own faith even though it may be radically different than the parents own, we need to leave it up to our kids to choose. But that doesn't mean we can't influence their decision in different ways.

So, what do I propose? Start at an incredibly early age. People understand but still don't seem to do anything about the fact that are youths are impressionable at a very early age. Just as the "birds and the bees" talk keeps getting early so does the "hate and drug" talk need to follow.

How to stop them from being so angry and lost and hopeless? Give them something to do. And then try to find out what it is they enjoy. Instead of having your kid sit down and watch TV and shut up, tell them to read a book. Don't like books? Fine... tell them to answer the question "what does hate mean to you?".

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