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Brother Arfrus, Ghyll Scholar

Brother Arfrus is a Ghyll scholar. Brother Arfrus was born about -73 EC. As a young man, he attended Bute University (Class of -53) where he studied history and beer. He was a contemporary of Bysted Timperton. Unlike Timperton, he chose a monastic path, and in -45 EC, he took his vows as a brother of the Order of Mnerr. At present, he lives in the Cloister of the Order near the tip of the Segundus Dagger Sea (not far from Threel, which needs further elaboration) where he pursues his research and brews beer. Once he gets his bearings, he will elaborate further. Brother Arfrus does not belong to the Brothers of the Lantern.

Brother Arfrus knows secrets that have been repressed.

Brother Arfrus' Table of Contents
ArticlePhantom ArticlePhantom
Army of WhunnExis of Whunn Blivingdelretrackets
Chez Smallwoodscuttleway darkshipssea fairs
Eixis Anoshorreld blade fielding hutMonotapute House
GimletPeershakes HungfoldOrder of Mnerr
Intellectuals' ConspiracyFuldermox JorvyllShrigure Gradient
Kites d'Jeauxvornalt Llysver the DoomedBusco
Mureannorgrenfing natural terrorsCroam Olpo
obovoxpentet Pziqq treesSubtle Tree Fight
Qestarine miasmaClassified construction RattallanPhylostarus
Supranatural luminescence meterUntimed TablankelWeatherbeak
Uninformed, Thenamphwirrs Valley miceCharles Clarke Grimdale
Whim of the beholderAbsolute Erasure Whozits (Rule of X)Bleague of Extraordinary Windbags
Yclepementdrove beetles Zugleichblue luck
Spotlight Percentage: 12 of 26 = 46%
Contribution Percentage: 26 of 26 = 100%
Phantoms Referenced: 8

Trees of Ghyll

Brother Arfrus is an arborist, and has compiled a list of the Trees of Ghyll:

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Brother Arfrus' List of Ghyllian Terms:

Brother Arfrus' List of Phantom Sources:

A - none - BJohn Cowan CJohn Cowan
DUrik Orr E - none - FTrousle Undrhil
GJohn Cowan HDr. H. L. Ackroyd IDfaran L'Eniarc
JDr. H. L. Ackroyd KNikos of Ant LVladimir the 16th
MClsn N - none - OClsn
PTheophenes Q - none - RKalen Firth
SDoctor Phineas Crank TMr. Stokes UDrBacchus
V - none - WLady Aleksandra XMorbus Iff

Brother Arfrus, Ghyll Player

This remains to be revealed.

Brother Arfrus was involved in the Vrinthia lexicon game [1] (but not as Brother Arfrus).

Brother Arfrus is a home-brewer.

Brother Arfrus is a poor Go player, but is intrigued by the wiki board Morbus built.