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Theophenes, Ghyll Scholar

Theophenes is a very brave, courageous, and curious Ghyllian. His Hive-Lord asked him the Question, "What is the greatest job of Ghyll?" He wandered around for about seven days, observing such things. He then publically,and unabashedly proclaimed that all jobs were equally important, as they were all interdependent upon one another. The pay is only relevant to difficulty and market forces, and had nothing to do with the actual importance of the duties.

It was after this Answer (record time for the specific Hive-Lord in question, who was known for his difficult questions) that he went into the business for scholars. His writings on intellectual dualism (that the universe is nothing more than a series of questions and answers, as are all duties of men) of which one quote is particularly popular:

We all are posed questions and provide answers, which is what work is. The farmer asks if it will grow, and then receives his answer when he sells it to the merchant who asks and answers how much. The product of all questions is answers, as are the fruits of all labors. Scholars answer the most questions, and Hive-Lords ask the most. The cycle is somewhat out of balance, but it matters not."

He has sinced joined the Brothers of the Lantern, the Amalgamated Guild of Anaximancy, and the Theoalchemical Council, all of whom expelled him later on for violation of the rules for "proper decorum", which partially involved Ball Lightning Liqueur and Bethany Mboya, as well as some other interesting... err... factors.

There are two skills for which Theophenes (Theo to his friends) is known for, the ability to expunge information from secret societies, and the abilitiy to write anything off as a business expense.

Theophenes, Ghyll Player

No information is currently known about this player.