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Floorplan of Chez Smallwood. A larger resolution version is also available.
A.Gardens and Accessory BuildingsB.Thorax Hall
C.Mandible ChamberD.Aft Trawling Hall
E.Counting HouseF.Bakery
G.ButcheryH.Maneuvering Room
I.Gliding HallJ.Cove
K.AlcoveL.Anterior Hall

The ancestral home of the Smallwood family and seat of the Smallwood Barony is Chez Smallwood, which lies in the southern reaches of the Evesque Valley and was likely built some time around -240 EC. An earlier, smaller farmhouse had existed on approximately the same site, although that was destroyed in a fire in -263 EC. The site became overrun before Baron Smallwood chose the location for his home.

The building is constructed of local stone and follows traditional period styling in most important respects. Its gardens lie directly behind the main building, with several nearby accessory structures, including a dray barn, two guest houses (one occupied by Lane Smallwood), a wellhouse, and a Calvados still. Beyond these lie the vast fields of Adlorst and fefferberries for which the Smallwood family is famous. All of the barns, keg shops, press houses, and business offices of the Smallwood wineries are close by.

After the Earthquake of Fluyr in -75 EC caused great damage to the northern regions of the Evesque Valley, the building was renovated and had its traditional scuttleway restored.

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--Brother Arfrus 14:37, 3 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Prudes (and the faint-of-heart) may be shocked that I should mention scuttleways in a scholarly text, but the simple fact is that people use scuttleways, even if we avoid doing it publicly. They are in our buildings, and we ought not be so ashamed of them. --Brother Arfrus 15:01, 3 Jun 2005 (EDT)