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Death and sleaze index

A note about deaths: Technically, every death in Underworld is "death by vampire" or "death by werewolf" but only those where the killer was doing "vampire-y" or "werewolf-y" things are flagged as such. It's not fair to consider Selene stabbing someone with a knife as "death by vampire"... if we did, "death by human" should be considered valid too. As such, when Marcus kills with his vampire wing talons, a vampire-specific trait, it gets counted as "death by vampire". When Selene guns down someone with a machine gun, it's merely "death by machine gun".

Death by: 1: crossbow; 2, 3, 4: sword; 5: werewolf, bite, throat ripped out; 6: axe; 7: axe, decapitation; 8: werewolf, bite, throat ripped out; 9: sword, decapitation; 10, 11, 12: axe; 13: werewolf, bite, throat ripped out; 14, 15, 16, 17: sword; 18: werewolf, bite, throat ripped out; 19, 20, 21, 22: vampire; 23: vampire, decapitation; 24, 25: knife; 26: werewolf, jaw ripped off; 27: neck snapped; 28, 29: head trauma; 30: vampire, bite; 31: vampire, window (insurance); 32: sword, explosion; 33: werewolf, claw; 34, 35: machine gun; 36: knife, throat cut, machine gun (insurance); 37: werewolf, hand through chest; 38: machine gun; 39, 40: helicopter crash; 41: werewolf, decapitation; 42: spear, helicopter blades (insurance). Sleaze by: 1: latex; 2: sex (unfulfilled); 3: breasts; 4: thongs; 5, 6: lingerie, death, 7: breasts.

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