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This template handles categorization of a single sleaze with up to five categories.
For further discussion about sleaze by category and usage, see these guidelines.


{{Sleaze by|shower scene}}
{{Sleaze by|sex|thongs|lower=1}}
{{Sleaze by|breasts (unwilling)|thongs|display=0}}


Note: * denotes required fields.

Parameter Explanation
1 to 5 * Insert one to five categories describing this sleaze; only one is required.
lower Optional; whether to show "sleaze by sex" instead of "Sleaze by sex".
display Optional; whether to display any text at all (ie., categorization only).
prefix Optional; whether to preface the categories with "Sleaze by".


Type the following... to get this:
{{Sleaze by|shower scene}} shower scene
{{Sleaze by|shower scene|prefix=1}} Sleaze by shower scene
{{Sleaze by|sex|thongs|prefix=1|lower=1}} sleaze by sex, thongs
{{Sleaze by breasts (unwilling)|thongs|display=0}} No output because display is disabled.