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Morbus Iff organizes his LEGO bricks into tackle/bead divider boxes for the smallest pieces (which paradoxically then take up the most amount of room but are far more accessible), and zip bags for larger pieces (which are then shoved into larger drawer bins). The following is forever in-progress. Images from This is not meant to list every piece I have (Brickset + Peeron FTW), but rather to indicate where like items go.

Bin 1: The Commons

Bags "BR01" to "BR09": Bricks

Bags "PL01" to "PL09": Plates

Bin 2: Oddities, Technics, Advanced

Bags "S01" to "S03": Slopes

Bags "T05", "T06", and "T07": Technic Plates and Bricks

Bag "TR01": Train Tracks and Etc.

Bags "W01" and "W02": Wheels, Wedges, and Wehicles

Bags "X01" to "X05": Potpourri

Divider Box: Tiny Things

Divider Box: Tiles and SNOTs

Divider Box: Small Technic Pieces

Divider Boxes: Minifigs and Accessories

These two boxes contain minifigs and things scaled for minifigs.