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Why? Because to a newcomer, Ghyll is a very confusing place. In reality, because to even me, a long-time player who nontheless has missed several rounds and read perhaps only a third of the entries, it's very difficult to play Ghyll simply because it's hard to know what's actually going on in it, and whether you're going to say something that's in contradiction with some really big obvious fact.

So this is a page for all the really big obvious facts, and a little introduction to the little non-obvious ones, too: the things that make up the style and feel of Ghyll.

I should also note that this isn't an out of turn play: it's something that everybody should contribute to, and that should be constantly updated to reflect the rest of the encyclopaedia. In that respect, it's a kind of Encyclopedants' page, along the lines of the Ghyll Geography, Ghyll Who's Who, etc. pages. Note to Morbus: if you want to move this somewhere better, please feel free to do so. We've discussed the idea of this page already, but I'm not sure what our summary of affairs was other than that I should just get on and do it if I wanted to.

--Sean B. Palmer 20:14, 11 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Well, how about if spotlight entries are retroactively linked to the Ghyll page by adding Ghyll as a Citation of the article. This way, you can go to the Ghyll page and see what articles link to it and get a run down of the spotlighted entries. I assume the spotlighted entries were spotlighted since they had something which compelled them to be spotlit? If that's the case, then this will allow us to have a link back to all the previous spotlit articles. :) Of course, I could just be really crazy and this could just be a bad idea. If so, just shoot me. :-D

--Trousle Undrhil 17:32, 1 Jul 2005 (EDT)