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Threel is a pretentious place located on the shores of scenic Segundus. Built as a border baracade by some early paranoids, it has been long converted to a spa and vacation spot once the inhabitants realized that there was nothing to defend the border from. The walled palisades however make excellent spots from which to fish in the calm blue waters or to play Hoopkah on sunny afternoons.

Threel is also noted for its peaceful demeanor and somewhat sanguine attitude about everything. This is likely due to the fact that almost every aspect of life in Threel is catered, served, provided for a modest fee, or built into the package. The town has been the official retirement community for the Hive-Lords and Paramount Queens for as long as the town has been established. Therefore, every occupant of the seaside resort is treated as if they were a former Lord or Queen.

This has been a largely beneficial arrangement for both the workers of Threel and the occupants except for a short, but remarkable period during the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution. It has been suggested that hostility arose out of an inequity between these two classes. It seems that until the Palace of Lost Souls was - forcibly - opened to the public in -249 EC, there was no place for the Threel working community to receive the same treatment as the upper-classed retirees.

In fact, according to the account by Grumantopuginius, the Extraordinarily Bloodless Revolution was a remarkably civilized affair with the lower-class combatants apologising profusely to the upper class ones, and the upper class defenders promising that they were sympathetic and that the conflict would in no way affect the medical or retirement benefits of any of the rebels. It is also noted that the famed fresco by Alarius was completely unharmed despite the death of no less than three retired art critics who stopped to struggle with its complex harmonies in the midst of battle.

These days, Threel sits as a gilded egalitarian paradise where all of the splendors once reserved for the ruling classes are now available to anyone with a mind to try them as long as they don't plan to stay long and can afford the quezloos.

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--Dr. H. L. Ackroyd 19:30, 12 Mar 2005 (EST)