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Yeah, I thought it'd be nice to write and ride, so I've got the EctoMechanaut here to dictate to. Hey, don't take that down yet. Argh, did you just record that too? Erase it! I said erase it. Oh, splaking thing. Okay, I'll just get on with the article then. What'd you say Hoofie? No, it's not taking down what you say as well, I don't think it understands Horse Code. Anyway, so the Eirbrivian Sectors are a part of the Azura Mines just outside of Iganefta. Splaking horseflies--didn't you put your ointment on this morning, Hoofie? Oh yeah, sorry, I'll get some this evening. Argh, doesn't this EctoMechanaut have a pause start again! Ah, there we go. Excellent; so it does indeed have a pause start again! I have to remember not to say the p-word. Stop laughing, Hoofie, I'd like to see you do any better. Infernal contraption. Paragraph.

Okay, so they're a part of the Azura Mines, and nobody had even heard of them until like -6 EC or something when they actually found a fully grown Banter Scarf plant down there. It's not often that you find a plant giving off wonderful bits of attire, so the discovery was in all the papers. Er, nah, left I think, Hoofie. Whoops, I should've said pause start again! Splak and a half. Stop bloody laughing Hoofie, and concentrate on what you're doing--you almost had me off then! Your what? Oh, yeah, sorry, I guess you could do with some new shoes. Anyway, we can chat about that after I've written this article. So, the plant... er, yeah, so the plant was quite a major find and as a result it was in all the papers. Oh, thanks, I thought I might've already said that bit. Watch that rock. Hehe, yeah, it did look a bit like a wang-dang-doodle, that's flipping hilarious. Right, right, the article. Paragraph.

Did I say the bit about the papers yet? Heh, heh. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the Encyclopedants deleted this thing either, but I'll submit it all the same--there isn't really that much to say about the Eirbrivian Sectors anyway. Personally I really think that they were just made up by the papers to keep the real location of the Banter Scarves secret. After all, who'd even heard of the sectors before it was splashed all across the papers? Oh yeah, that's a very good point. Hoofie just noted that usually when a new sector is found, it's talked about at some length in the Iganeftan papers beforehand. Hmm? Well, close enough. Anyway, the Eirbrivian Sectors were only discussed at the time of the finding of the Banter Scarves, which I suppose does actually make sense since they would've found the Banter Scarves at the same thyme as the sector. Hmm? Oh, I didn't know that. Hoofie (yeah, yeah, I know I should call you Big Brown Riding Hoof in print: we can just ask Burgengute to go through and normalise all the mentions [Not a chance! This is the stupidest thing I've ever read, and I'm not correcting your mistakes. --Burgengute])... er... oh, Hoofie just said that in the Folktown Records they noted that the Scarves were found in an inaccessible part of the sectors, so that really does point to a cover-up. Hmm, I wonder if it's a good idea to put this in print? Hehe, yeah that's a good point... nobody will read through all this garbage. Paragraph.

Whoops, I think we just stumbled into someone's farm by mistake. Yeah, we'll just go back up the same path we came in on--I think there was a fork back up there somewhere. Heh, those chickens. And aw, look at that cute doggie lying down over there, wagging its tail and cleaning its pause start again! I said p-a-w-s, not p-a-u-s-e. Yeah, I agree Hoofie. Let's get the mech to scribe this out, then I'll go over it and send it off and we can smash the splak out of the mech. Hey, where is it going? Hey, come back! Get back here you splaking pile of splak-ridde

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--Sean B. Palmer 16:41, 11 Jun 2005 (EDT)

We received this article when a rather weather-worn EctoMechanaut arrived on the editorial offices' doorstep a couple of days ago. It's taken us all this time to coax the poor, anxious, wayworn little mech into writing out the message for us, but once it had, we smashed the splak out of the little bugger. --The Encyclopedants

A Banter Scarves plant? That's odd... My research indicated that the things were artificial in nature. Honestly, I even saw one, and no plant could ever get the stitching that fine. --Dfaran L'Eniarc 14:41, 5 Aug 2005 (EDT)