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The Arandellion Moors are a series of High Lands to the north of the Jorvyll. They seem to be fairly useless, and despite their large size, only a few groups of hardy Ghyllians seem to live among them. This might be due to the fact that the land, for the most part, smells of rotting fefferberries.

The most common plant in the Moors is the widespread fefferberry. Unfortunately for the inhabitants, the most common species is also one of the least economically viable. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of the area have taken to brewing an alcoholic beverage out of them, useful only because it blots out the smell of the rot. The inhabitants consider going blind an excellent trade for getting rid of the awful stench, and almost never go outside their homes without taking a good stiff drink of the brew.

The most common activity in the area is the brewing of said beverage. One's status in the area is based upon how much of the stuff one can imbibe, and a good drinking contest has been known to knock out entire villages. As far as diet goes, it is mostly fefferberries, Mute Chukarandos, Zhur Fruit when in season, and for the exceptionally hungry, the mash of the darseed plant.

As far as historical importance goes, there has been very little. The Moors have become the home of numerous exiles due to the accepting nature of the locals, who are happy enough to see anyone new. However, anyone who settles in the Moors soon disappears from the public eye, seeing as their time becomes consumed by the culture of the area, and that very little of interest occurs with the smell of rotten fefferberries filling the air. The most notable effect the Moors have had on current history is the rather strange story of the Pobellian Debates, which were supposedly over the ownership of them. According to popular myth, they were ruled by the Alezanians long ago, which accounts for how disgusting they are now, but there is no corroborating evidence whatsoever, as the lands where their ruins can be found are to the far south, but this scholar can provide no definite proof to the contrary, and thus feels the rumor deserves inclusion.

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--Kalen Firth 23:37, 16 May 2005 (EDT)