The Eleventh Hour

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The Eleventh Hour

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Letter from Mr. X


The residents of Forrest City are living in dangerous times. I am in a unique position to see and know many things about Forrest City's dark secrets. Although I have chosen to remain anonymous, I will, from time to time, pass along to you information useful in solving some of the mysteries of our very unique city.

In this box are items and documents relating to a recent sinister occurrence that has been kept hidden from the general public. You will not see accounts of it in any newspaper. The Forrest City Police Department and the FBI will deny any knowledge that these events occurred. But given the nature of what happened on Dec. 31 on Savage Island, I could not in good conscience allow these events to remain shrouded in secrecy. I have chosen to call this mysterious episode THE ELEVENTH HOUR.

I would suggest that you begin by doing a quick survey of the items in the box. Next you should read the Forrest City newspaper. It will provide you with the necessary background information. Then begin with Page 1 of the notes taken by Christopher of Christopher's Curiosities. His notes will provide you with a guide to follow the course of events that transpired.

Use your powers of observation and intellect to solve the challenges you will encounter. If you can successfully reach a conclusion to this mystery, you will be one step closer to understanding Forrest City.

Good luck,
Mr. X

Letter from Mr. X.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 1

Forrest City News


Volume 5, Issue 32
Your Forrest City News Source

An Interview with Tech Entrepreneur Casey Cavanaugh PAGE 5
Guide to Forrest City: Neighborhoods and Resident Profiles. PAGE 6
The Restoration of Bedford Manor on SAVAGE ISLAND

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 1.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 2

The Lancaster Museum - Forrest City

ALICE: An Exhibition on the Works of Lewis Carroll - Now a Permanent Exhibition
The Lost City: Is an Ancient Mayan City Hidden in the Jungles of Central America? - Now a Permanent Exhibition
Mysteries of the Ancients - Permanent Exhibition
Michael The Archangel - Permanent Exhibition
Tombs of the Pharaohs - Permanent Exhibition

The Lancaster Museum
100 South Palm Avenue
Downtown Forrest City

Mon thru Fri 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sat and Sun 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 2.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 3

Bedford Manor and Savage Island Sold to Unknown Buyer
Western breezeway of Bedford Manor.
Eastern elevation of Bedford Manor.

SAVAGE ISLAND Vacant No Longer

Savage Island was named after industrialist William Savage who purchased it in 1930. Savage used the island as a retreat, building cabins and other small structures on the twenty-three acre island off the coast of Forrest City.

In 1941, Savage sold the island to Nathaniel Bedford, heir to a mining and railroad fortune. Bedford chose the island as the location to construct a magnificent manor house as a gift to his betrothed, April Heart. It was Nathaniel's intention that the home would be a wedding gift to April on the day of their nuptials.

Sadly, April committed suicide only ten days before the wedding that was to occur on New Year's Eve on the island. She hung herself from the rafters of her bedroom. No specific motive for the suicide was ever revealed.

Nathaniel halted the final steps in the construction of Bedford Manor and never took up residence on Savage Island. He lived the remainder of his life in seclusion and very little is known about him following the death of April Heart.

Savage Island remained unoccupied, and Bedford Manor vacant, until an unknown buyer purchased the island from the trust that Nathaniel Bedford used to buy it from William Savage. Bedford Manor and its surroundings have now been renovated and restored, but no one associated with the project has been willing to reveal any details.

The island's unique history renders its legal status ambiguous at best. William Savage purchased the island from the federal government, but the 1930 contract for sale stipulated that the island would remain under the jurisdiction of the federal government (as opposed to local or state authorities), and the U.S. Department of Defense would have the first right to purchase the property if it were ever offered for sale by Savage.

A legal expert consulted by The Forrest City Post confirmed that these stipulations "run with the land" and were therefore included in the sale of the island from Savage to Nathaniel Bedford, and would continue to be a condition of any subsequent sale. Though the federal government had the legal right to purchase the island when Savage sold it to Bedford, it evidently chose not to do so.

There have been rumors of other secret stipulations placed on the initial sale of the island to William Savage in 1930, such as the ability of the government to continue to utilize parts of the island for some unspecified purposes, but these rumors have never been confirmed and are dismissed by most as nothing more than fanciful speculations.

In 1975, a joint task force of the Forrest City Police Department and the Forrest City F.B.I. field office attempted to search Savage Island in conjunction with a manhunt for a serial bank robber, but were intercepted and turned away by a U.S. Navy Frigate.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 3.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 4

The Basilica of St. Michael
The Catholic Diocese of Forrest City
Sunday Mass: 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
370 Fourth Street, Downtown Forrest City

Bacchus Wine Bar
It's all about the grape.
1721 Main Street, Downtown Forrest City

Archon Genomics
The future is now.
64 Archon Parkway, Forrest City

NEWS In Brief

Forrest City's Drake University will recognize hedge fund manager Julie Bull for her recent $500,000 donation by renaming a campus building in her honor. The building currently known as "Walters Hall" containing lecture halls and classrooms will be renamed as "Julie C. Bull Hall" early next year. Julie Bull, wife of Senator John Bull, started hedge fund OX Capital in Forrest City six years ago. Some of the fund's biggest holdings include local companies Archon Genomics and DaVinci Systems.

The Lancaster Museum has promoted Sonya Grant to the position of Curator. Grant, who has worked at the museum for the past five years as an assistant curator, was named Curator with the unanimous support of the museum's board of directors. Grant was responsible for the acquisition of several of Lancaster Museum's new exhibits including Mysteries of the Ancients and Tombs of the Pharaohs. The Lancaster Museum was endowed by the prominent Lancaster family in the early 1900's. With both permanent and temporary exhibits on display, the museum houses considerable collections in natural history, ancient civilizations, local history, and more. Faculty at Drake University often partner with museum staff in undertaking archaeological expeditions.

Biotech pioneer Archon Genomics currently occupies a highly secure, thirty-acre campus on the outskirts of Forrest City. This campus will double in size next year as the company's CEO, Robert MacKenzie, finalizes the acquisition of an adjacent thirty acre parcel that is currently undeveloped. One of the world's leading biotechnology companies, Archon Genomics specializes in genome sequencing, transgenics, and genetic engineering. It is rumored that much of Archon Genomic's research includes covert projects for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Journalist Marta Perez is undertaking a research project of tremendous proportions. Funded by a grant from an anonymous benefactor, Perez will be working with the Lancaster Museum to conduct a review of the museum's local history archives. Documents and objects from Forrest City's long history have been stored out of public view in the basement archives of the Lancaster Museum for over a hundred years. Most of the items in the collection haven't been touched or seen since they were first acquired by the museum. Perez expects to write a series of articles and a book about the history of Forrest City based on her findings in the archives.

Last year, researchers at Drake University concluded a longitudinal study of levels of violence in Forrest City dating back to the late 1800's. Sources for the study included police reports, newspaper archives, hospital records, and federal databases. The alarming conclusion of the study was that violence in Forrest City occurs at a rate at least fourteen times higher than any other city of comparable size. Furthermore, the extremely high levels of violence were observed as far back as available records permitted study, dating back to at least 1875. Scientists involved were unable to identify any contributing cause that could explain these disconcerting results. Johnson Savage, grandson of recently deceased heiress Agnes Savage, has publicly called for further investigation into the results of the study and has offered to contribute $250,000 toward the effort. The original researchers will meet with Savage next week.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 4.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 5

INTERVIEW with Casey Cavanaugh

FCP: For our readers who may not be familiar with your name, please remind us of your current position.

CC: I'm the founder and CEO of DaVinci Systems. Our campus is located here in Forrest City.

FCP: And what does Davinci Systems do?

CC: We specialize in making communications and data safe from criminals and hackers. We develop encryption tools and methods that companies and governments can use to protect information.

FCP: And you recently announced another project?

CC: Yes, we've hired some of the world's leading researchers in the field of artificial intelligence. They are part of a new department that will pursue the use of artificial intelligence in encryption and cryptography.

FCP: There was an article circulating online recently claiming that the artificial intelligence project is really aimed at cracking the codes of foreign governments and that your biggest customers are the National Security Agency and the CIA. Any comment?

CC: [Smiling] You shouldn't believe everything you read online.

FCP: Many people have described you as a true mathematics prodigy. Is that a fair characterization?

CC: I've always had a special ability when it comes to math. I'm generally able to see solutions to mathematical problems in unique ways that other people can't. I'm very visual when it comes to equations and constructs. I see mathematics in my mind in colors and shapes. It's not anything that I created — it's just how my brain works.

FCP: You're being modest. Isn't it true that you graduated from MIT with doctorate degrees in both number theory and fluid dynamics at age fifteen?

CC: Fourteen. I turned fifteen two months later.

FCP: And you published a breakthrough paper on abc theory? What is that exactly?

CC: It's difficult to describe in words. It has to do with integers and prime numbers, and letters that represent mathematical variables used in equations. My paper proposes what you might call a new language — a whole new universe of mathematical objects — in order to describe the known universe.

FCP: Did your parents know that you were a math genius when you were still very young?

CC: My mom likes to tell a story about a time when I was four and she found me writing out a rail fence cipher with a blue crayon. So yeah, I guess it started pretty early on.

FCP: What did you do after graduation?

CC: I took a year off and went back home to live with my parents. I continued my studies on my own and attended several conferences around the world to present my most well-known paper.

FCP: And after that?

CC: I went to work for the National Security Agency. The NSA saw some unique applications for my work that I hadn't yet considered. They couldn't figure out the math, but they were pretty confident that I could. So I spent a few years at the NSA. I can't really talk about it, but it was very productive.

FCP: And then you started DaVinci Systems.

CC: Right. With the help of some advisors and investors, DaVinci Systems hit the group running. I've been very fortunate. It's an exciting place to work and we're doing some very cutting edge research.

FCP: You don't look like the typical technology CEO.

CC: [Laughing] Well, for starters, I'm female. That's not very common in our industry. But I'm guessing you mean the hair, the tattoos and the flannel shirts. This is who I am. I'm young. I'm a free spirit. I don't feel the need to conform.

FCP: How did DaVinci Systems end up in Forrest City?

CC: From the beginning, we started doing some joint projects with Archon Genomics. It made sense to be in close proximity. And Forrest City is a very unique place. There's a lot going on here.

FCP: Do you have a favorite tattoo?

CC: All of my tattoos are meaningful to me. Each one has a special significance or a hidden meaning.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 5.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 6

Dante's Bookshop
An extraordinary selection of rare books and first editions.
68 N. Orange Ave.

Oglevie, Thorn & Sharpe
Attorneys at Law
112 McAnsh Square
Downtown Forrest City

Sky Bar
Come and get in the groove
Bang Ladies Night Fridays
Ladies No Cover All Night
And Drink Free Until 12 AM
Downtown Forrest City

Kennedy Plastic Surgery Institute
Dr. Michael Kennedy
400 Dolphin Lane
Downtown Forrest City

Forrest City Neighborhoods

FORREST CITY was incorporated in 1835, but the land on which the city is located has been occupied since at least the 1600's. Forrest City has had a long history replete with remarkable adventures, dark tales, and mysterious events. Today, Forrest City is home to many different neighborhoods with distinct personalities that have evolved from its unique past.

DOWNTOWN. The downtown district is home to most of the city's government buildings including the Forrest City Police Department headquarters, the Coroner's Office, and the F.B.I. field office. Also located downtown are Drake University, Forrest City College, and the Lancaster Museum. The district is home to several banks including American National Bank and Forrest City's oldest law film, Oglevie, Thorn & Sharpe. Other notable downtown businesses include Cecil's Cafe, Bacchus Wine Bar, Dante's Bookshop specializing in rare books and first editions, and Christopher's Curiosities which offers for sale a collection of rare and unique items. Two of Forrest City's historic houses are also located downtown: Lancaster Manor and Savage House.

THE NARROWS. Most of this economically impoverished neighborhood in Forrest City was built long before the invention of the automobile. The area is nicknamed the Narrows due to its narrow, winding streets. Much of the architecture of the Narrows is a throwback to the early days of the industrial revolution: grimy buildings, dark alleys, and crowded spaces. Notable places in the Narrows include the Crown Pub, Sinner's Alley, Five Points, and Trinity Church.

SILICON ALLEY is the nickname for the area to the north of the downtown district that serves as Forrest City's growing high-tech hub and start-up ecosystem. Notable businesses include XO Capital, the iBar, and DaVinci Systems. Archon Genomics is the largest company in the area and is located on its own thirty acre campus on the north end of Silicon Alley. A team of researchers led by Dr. James Blusson at the Archon Genomics was the first group to sequence and map the entire human genome.

THE HARBOR DISTRICT began in the 1800's as a working port populated primarily by sailors and dockworkers. It is now a mix of condominiums, deteriorating buildings, and a variety of businesses catering to either end of the economic spectrum that exists in the area. Notable places in the Harbor District include the Blue Martini, the Ericson Art Museum, the Forrest City Science Center, the Bull Theater, and the historic Lancaster Hotel.

CAVANAUGH KEY is home to some of Forrest City's most expensive residential housing, public beaches, and a small commercial district that functions as the Key's unofficial downtown. Cavanaugh Key is accessible only by a single bridge from the downtown district. Notable places on Cavanaugh Key include the Casperson Hotel, McKendrick Beach, and the historic Thorn Lighthouse.

THE FRENCH QUARTER. Forrest City's French Quarter is a smaller version of its namesake neighborhood in New Orleans. In the late 1600's, a settlement of French trappers and traders was located in the area that would later become Forrest City. Many of the descendants of the original French settlers stayed in the area as the settlement became a small town. When ownership of the region was granted by treaty to England, over half of the French residents remaine, and Forrest City grew up around them. Over time, the original French town became a neighborhood within Forrest City. Notable places in the French Quarter include Antoine's, Olivia House, Jacmel Inn, Court of the Three Sisters, and Royal Square.

CHINATOWN. For decades, Forrest City's Chinatown district was a safe, desirable area. In recent years, however, Asian crime groups have taken control and Chinatown is now plagued by criminal activity. Forrest City residents and tourists generally avoid Chinatown except during heavily policed events such as the annual Dragon Boat Festival. Notable businesses in Chinatown include the Haidilao Hot Pot and the Hutong Jade Restaurant.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 6.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 7


MacKenzie is the CEO of Archon Genomics. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in business from the University of Edinburgh and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, he served in the U.S. Marine Corp. as a Cavalry Scout, attaining the rank of Sergeant First Class before being honorably discharged. MacKenzie then obtained a law degree from Yale. Before joining Archon Genomics, MacKenzie served as Chief Operating Officer of the Andover Biotechnology Foundation.

ALEX REYES (Row 1, Right)
Reyes is a Superviory Special Agent of the FBI assigned to the Forrest City field office. Born in Forrest City, Reyes attended the University of Virginia where she obtained a B.S. in genetics. She then obtained a law degree from Yale. Reyes has been the lead FBI agent in charge of the Raven serial killer investigation as well as the Dragon and Mad Hatter cases.

MARTA PEREZ (Row 2, Left)
Perez is an investigative reporter whose articles have won international attention and numerous awards. In 2015, Perez was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her work about the serial killer known as the Raven. Born in New York City, Perez grew up in Miami and Los Angeles, graduating from Hollywood High School. She attended Rice University and Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. Perez now lives in Forrest City with her Sun Conure, Kiki.

Daughter of industrialist Silas Lancaster, Rachel died under suspicious circumstances in a fire at the Lancaster estate in 1923. Silas Lancaster was the owner of the Lancaster Repeating Arms Company. He rose to fortune and prominence after securing lucrative contracts with the United States government and several European nations to supply arms and ammunition to their military forces. Rachel Lancaster's tragic death followed a troubled childhood. She spent time as a patient at Bedlam Asylum for various mental ailments including delirium and psychosis.

THE MAD HATTER (Row 3, Left)
The spree killer called the Mad Hatter murdered three women in five days in Forrest City. Each victim was staged by the Mad Hatter at the crime scene and dressed in a costume from Alice in Wonderland. Around the bodies were objects related to the famous books by Lewis Carroll. The Mad Hatter is still at large.

AGNES SAVAGE (Row 3, Right) Heiress to the $2 billion Savage family fortune, Agnes died in her Forrest City home earlier this year after a long battle with cancer. Before her death, Agnes liquidated her estate and hid the fortune in a secret location. The Savage family fortune included real estate, a copper mine, art, antiquities, and extensive financial investments. In her Last Will and Testament, Agnes decreed that whoever was able to locate her hidden fortune would be entitled to inherit the entire estate.

Icarus Models
New York
Forrest City
125 Main Street
Downtown Forrest City

Hutong Jade Restaurant
1633 Broadway Avenue, Chinatown

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 7.

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 8

Christopher's Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities
noun | cab·i·net of cu·ri·os·i·ties
\ˈkab-nit \əv \kyu̇r-ē-ˈäs(ə-)tēs

An encyclopedic collection of objects whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined in Renaissance Europe. Modern terminology would categorize the objects included as belonging to natural history, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art and antiquities.

Visit our Facebook page: ChristophersCuriosities


This vintage physician's report for a Bedlam Asylum patient named Lucas Trembley is dated Dev. 5, 1862. The new defunct Bedlam Asylum housed patients in Forrest City until 1924, when it was purchased by the Lancaster family and closed. Bedlam Asylum has remained largely undisturbed since 1924.

OUR PRICE: $3,225

One of the few known photographs taken of Forrest City recluse Nathaniel Bedford taken after the suicide of his fiance April Heart.

Our price: $2,400

Original signed document.

Our Price: $1,299

Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 8.

Notes taken by Christopher page 1


Dec. 31, 3:45 p.m.

I have to admit I was quite intrigued when I first opened the invitation. It was in a black envelope made from expensive linen stock and bore no return address. The invitation was also printed on black and gave no indication of the identity of the host of the New Year's Eve celebration.

The location of the festivities, however, was instantly recognizable to me. Anyone who spent much time in Forrest City would be familiar with the name: the mysterious Bedford Manor on Savage Island. In fact, the latest issue of the Forrest City Post featured a cover story on the history of Bedford Manor and the recent change in ownership of Savage Island.

Speculation ran rampant in Forrest City concerning the identity of the new owner of Bedford Manor — perhaps it was an internet billionaire, a Hollywood A-List actress, a reclusive industrialist, or foreign royalty. No one knew for sure. Now I had been given the opportunity to find out.

The mystique of it all was irresistible. I made my apologies and cancelled my original New Year's Eve plans. Now I was preparing to don my best suit and head out for a night of New Year's Eve festivities with no idea who my host or fellow celebrants might be. The invitation requested that I appear at the Bahia del Mar Marina at precisely 5:30 for transportation to Savage Island. I packed my overnight bag, got dressed and poured myself a Scotch to calm the jitters while I awaited the appointed time to depart for the marina.

My plan is to take notes when I can to document the experience. Perhaps I will also have the opportunity to record some video on my phone. Maybe I'll record one now and upload it to my Facebook Page: ChristophersCuriosities.

Notes taken by Christopher page 1.

Notes taken by Christopher page 2


Dec. 31, 5:40 p.m.

I was greeted at the Bahia del Mar Marina by a young man holding a sign with my name stenciled on it in bold letters. He led me to a water taxi idling at the dock but rebuffed my questions about the host of the event: "I just work here," he said. "I just do what I'm told."

I boarded the water taxi and was greeted by nine other bemused faces. All of them I knew, or at least recognized, from my time in Forrest City. My fellow party-goers were:

William Thorn, partner with the law firm Oglevie, Thorn & Sharpe;
Robert MacKenzie, CEO of Archon Genomics;
Dr. David Denton, archeology professor;
Johnson Savage, socialite and descendant of William Savage;
Edward C. Rutherford, Drake Univ. President;
Dr. Grace Whittington, European history professor;
Julie Bull, hedge fund manager;
Marta Perez, accomplished journalist; and
Sonya Grant, curator at the Lancaster Museum.

Adding myself to the list provided the total number of invited guests: ten in all.

I took my seat and the launch soon departed. There was some scattered small talk during the trip, but the entire group fell silent when Savage Island came into view.

Rising above the shoreline was the impressive edifice known as Bedford Manor. None of us had ever set foot on Savage Island. Now we would all see the inside of Bedford Manor firsthand and meet our anonymous benefactor, the new owner of the island.

Notes taken by Christopher page 2.

Notes taken by Christopher page 3


Dec. 31, 6:10 p.m.

When we reached the dock at Savage Island, we were greeted by a very tall man in a dark suit who identified himself as Robert, the steward of Bedford Manor. Robert announced that our host had not yet arrived, but was expected soon.

Robert gracefully declined to answer any of our questions and stated that his instructions were to escort us to Bedford Manor for a champagne toast and then to our rooms where we could either relax until dinner or put away our bags and explore the grounds.

The walk from the dock to the front entrance of the manor house took us through well-manicured gardens and trees. Bedford Manor was an impressive edifice impressive in the style of a French chateau with a granite facade and circular turrets at the corners. We walked through the Entry Hall, past the Grand Staircase, and into the Great Hall. On the back wall was a large, antique organ. On an antique trestle table were twelve champagne flutes, a bottle of champagne, strands of New Year's Eve beads, and other New Year's themed items.

Robert ceremoniously popped the cork on the champagne, poured us each a bubbling glass, and led us through a toast to us: the first guests at Bedford Manor in many years, and to the coming New Year.

Dec. 31, 6:25 p.m.

Robert led us up the Grand Staircase to the second and third floors where each of us was assigned a guest room. Mine was on the third floor in a room called the Reading Room. It had been turned into a guest room with an ornate bed, dresser and night stand, but one wall of the room was still covered with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase filled with hundreds of old volumes.

Notes taken by Christopher page 3.

Notes taken by Christopher page 4


Before Robert left me to settle into my new accommodations, he placed a black wristband around my left wrist: "The RFID chip in this wristband serves as the key to your room," he said, "and also provides you with access to the areas of the manor that are approved for guests."

I waved the wristband in front of the brass plate beneath the doorknob on my door. There was an audible click.

"Fancy," I said.

Robert, for the first time, broke into a smile. I tried to seize on this new crack in his professional facade — "Come on: Just tell me the name of our host," I said.

Robert shook his head, smiling, and said: "Don't tell the other guests, but I don't even know myself."

"How is that?" I asked.

"I was hired through an agency and have only been on the island for three weeks."

"Then this will be a surprise for all of us," I said.

"We'll see you downstairs for dinner at 7:00" said Robert, resuming his role as steward. "Until then, please let me know if there is anything else that you require."

Notes taken by Christopher page 4.

Notes taken by Christopher page 5


Dec. 31, 7:05 p.m.

I wandered downstairs for dinner a few minutes early and the rest of the group began to arrive just before seven. When the grandfather clock in the Great Hall announced the arrival of the seventh hour, only one person had not yet made an appearance — Johnson Savage. At three minutes past seven, Casey Cavanaugh announced that she would see what was keeping Mr. Savage. She proceeded upstairs to his room while the rest of us made small talk and enjoyed canapes and champagne. A minute later, we heard a piercing scream.

Dec. 31, 7:07 p.m.

We rushed upstairs toward the source of the scream: Johnson Savage's room. I arrived first alongside William Thorn and bolted through the open doorway to find Casey Cavanaugh frozen in terror. In the center of the room, Johnson Savage hung from a wooden beam overhead by a noose around his neck. His feet dangled about a foot above the floor. His face was a most disturbing shade of blue.

Thorn rushed to the dangling corpse and checked Savage's pulse by placing two fingers on the jugular vein in his swollen neck. Thorn shook his head slowly. "No pulse," he said. "Johnson Savage is dead."

Dec. 31, 7:18 p.m.

When the initial chaos of the horrible discovery subsided, Thorn, MacKenzie and I cut down Savage's body, laid it on the bed, and draped a sheet over the corpse. We regrouped downstairs in the Great Hall and discussed the awful turn of events. Our first thought was to call the authorities.

Notes taken by Christopher page 5.

Notes taken by Christopher page 6


However, there was no cellular reception on the island due to its distance from the mainland, and Robert informed us that there were no working telephones or internet service at Bedford Manor. Until the boat returned the next morning, we were on our own with no way to communicate with the outside world.

We had begun to discuss why Savage would have chosen this time and place to commit suicide by such drastic means when we were interrupted by a booming, sinister voice that seemed to emanate from everywhere and nowhere:

Welcome to Bedford Manor. I am the Hangman.
The ten of you, now nine, were chosen to attend my New Year's Eve gathering for very specific reasons that are unique to each of you.
On a table in the Reception Room, you will find an interesting puzzle to begin tonight's festivities. This puzzle is the first in a series of challenges I have created for this occasion.
If you complete my challenges by the end of the eleventh hour, I will allow you to leave Savage Island unharmed. But if the clock strikes midnight before you have successfully completed them. none of you will live to see the New Year.
I felt it necessary to make an example of Mr. Savage so that you would understand the gravity of your situation.
Notes taken by Christopher page 6.

Notes taken by Christopher page 7


Dec. 31, 7:43 p.m.

The next fifteen minutes were absolute chaos. We couldn't locate Robert; he was now missing. There was argument among the group about what to do next. Search the island for the Hangman? Try to find Robert the steward? Begin working on the Hangman's challenges immediately? Try to look for some other way to communicate with the outside world?

Ultimately, Robert MacKenzie, William Thorn and Julie Bull decided to search the island for the Hangman and Robert. They refused to participate in the Hangman's game despite the possible consequences.

Grace Whittington, David Denton and Marta Perez decided to search Bedford Manor for some means of communicating with the mainland.

That left me, Casey Cavanaugh and Sonya Grant remaining: we elected to try to solve the Hangman's first challenge. We moved to the Reception Room where we found the Hangman's first puzzle: it looked like a childhood version of the hangman game.

You should now try to solve the Hangman's first puzzle before proceeding to Page 8.
Mr. X

Notes taken by Christopher page 7.

Notes taken by Christopher page 8


Dev. 31, 8:46 p.m.

The solution to the Hangman's first puzzle was both cryptic and disturbing. It also told us where to go next. Solving it had taken too much time. At this rate, we would not likely finish in time before midnight. We would have to work more quickly.

Just as we were preparing to leave the Reception Room, Marta Perez burst into the room, breathless. During their search of Bedford Manor, they found Robert's body in the Head Butler's chamber. Like Savage, he was hung from a rafter by a noose around his neck.

Marta told us that Grace Whittington had panicked, locking herself in her guest room on the second floor and refusing to come out. David Denton had left to find the group searching the island for the Hangman. Marta insisted on joining our group to solve the Hangman's challenges. We were happy to have her help.

Our newly expanded group proceeded to the second location in search of the next challenge. There, on an antique Victorian desk, we found a leather bound notebook surrounded by some interesting items. On the first page of the notebook were a series of handwritten symbols that looked like stick figures. This was the the Hangman's second puzzle. We quickly went to work.

You should now try to solve the Hangman's second puzzle before proceeding to Page 9.
Mr. X

Notes taken by Christopher page 8.

Notes taken by Christopher page 9


Dec. 31, 9:43 p.m.

It took us about an hour to solve the Hangman's second puzzle. Ultimately, Perez had the insight that led us to the solution, so we were thankful that she had joined our group. Over the preceding hour, there had been no contact from the other group or from Grace Whittington, who presumably remained locked in her room. There also had been no sign of the Hangman. Was he watching us, even now, from some unseen vantage point?

From the solution to the second puzzle, we were able to move to the next location to find the third puzzle.

When we reached the next location, we found two pages displayed in plain view. On the front of the first page was a poem above some items common to the room. On the back was a grid of letters.

Next to this puzzle, on a second page, was a photograph of the room. Both pages appeared to be important to reach the solution to the third puzzle.

We started working on it immediately.

You should now try to solve the Hangman's third puzzle before proceeding to Page 10.
Mr. X

Notes taken by Christopher page 9.

Notes taken by Christopher page 10


Dec. 31, 11:01 p.m.

The third puzzle proved to be more difficult to solve than the first two. It was nearly eleven when we finally cracked it. The solution to the third puzzle gave us the location of the fourth challenge. With no time to waste, we ran toward the next location. As we passed through the Entry Hall, William Thorn burst in through the front door. His face was pale and he appeared quite shaken.

Once we were able to calm Thorn down, he gave us a most disturbing account of the fate of his group. During their search of the island, they discovered the old fishing camp used by William Savage before the island was sold to Nathaniel Bedford. It consisted of several cabins and a lodge connected by wooden walkways above the tidal flats along the shore. The group split up to search the buildings more efficiently.

When Thorn finished searching his designated cabin, he returned to the walkway to find Julie Bull floating face down in the shallow water below. She had received a grievous wound to the back of her head, and there was no chance she was still alive. Thorn called out repeatedly for Robert MacKenzie, but after hearing no response, he ran back to Bedford Manor to find us.

Thorn's group had seen no sign of David Denton. We then appraised Thorn of our progress and stressed the short amount of time left before midnight. He decided to join us as we tried to solve the next puzzle. We ran to the new location where we discovered a vintage piece of furniture with rows of small drawers. On some of the drawers were strange symbols. I took a picture on my phone in case it might be useful later. We quickly got to work trying to figure out the nature of this new challenge.

A photo of the drawers and symbols is included in your box. You should now try to solve this puzzle before proceeding. The solution to this puzzle will lead you to the Hangman's next challenge.
Mr. X

Notes taken by Christopher page 10.

New Year's Eve invitation front

The honor of your presence is requested
for a New Year Eve's celebration at


Transportation will be provided to Savage Island from the
Bahia del Mar Marina located in the Forrest City Harbor
District at precisely 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 31.

Saturday, December 31, 6:00 p.m.

Dinner shall be served at seven o'clock p.m. to be followed by
New Year's Eye festivities.

Overnight accommodations will be provided for all guests.

Formal attire is preferred.

Front of the New Year's Eve invitation.

New Year's Eve invitation back

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,
and never though upon;
The flames of Love extinguished,
and fully past and gone:
Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold,
that loving Breast of thine;
That thou canst never once reflect
On Auld Lang Syne.

Back of the New Year's Eve invitation.

Bedford Manor first floor


1 Entry Hall
2 Reception Room
3 Billiard Room
4 Dining Room
5 Great Hall
6 Steps to Grounds
7 Office
8 Ballroom
9 Library
10 Grand Staircase
11 Map Room

Bedford Manor first floor.
Bedford Manor first floor floor plan.

Bedford Manor second floor


1 Main Hall
2 Mr. Bedford's Bath
3 Mr. Bedford's Chambers
4 Mrs. Bedford's Chambers
5 Mrs. Bedford's Bath
6 Nursery
7 Nursery Bath
8 Sitting Room
9 Guest Chambers
10 Guest Chambers
11 Loggia
12 Guest Chambers
13 Guest Chambers
14 Guest Chambers
15 Guest Chambers
16 Guest Chambers
17 Guest Chambers
18 Guest Chambers
19 Loggia
20 Stairs to 3rd Floor
21 Mr. Bedford's Study

Bedford Manor second floor.
Bedford Manor second floor floor plan.

Bedford Manor third floor


1 Dome Skylight
2 Servant Room
3 Servant Room
4 Chef's Room
5 Head Butler's Chamber
6 Assistant Butler's Room
7 Roof Parlor
8 Observation Deck
9 Guest Chambers
10 Reading Room
11 Guest Chambers
12 Stairs to Tower Room

Bedford Manor third floor.
Bedford Manor third floor floor plan.

Bedford Manor foundation level


1 Hall
2 Passage Way
3 Swimming Pool
4 Lounge
5 Passage Way
6 Organ Mechanics
7 Storage
8 Boiler Room
9 Passage Way
10 Tunnel to Grounds
11 Dressing Rooms
12 Sitting Room
13 Bakery
14 Kitchen
15 Wine Cellar
16 Pantry
17 Storage

Bedford Manor foundation level.
Bedford Manor foundation level floor plan.

The Hangman Game

E _ E _ _  G_ _ _ _ _
_ _N  _ _  H _ _  _ _ N
H _ N G _ _ N.
B E G _ N  _ N  _ H E
_ _ B _ _ _ _ .


The Hangman Game.

The Billiard Puzzle


Late of the jungle, wild and dim,
Sliced from the elephant's ivory limb,
Painted, polished, here these spheres
Rehearse their civilized careers--
Trapped in a geometric roil,
Exhibit impact and recoil
Politely, in a farce of force.
For this, I utter no remorse
But praise the complicated plan
That organizes beast and man
In patterns so superbly styled,
Late of the jungle, dim and wild.

→ N H Z W Q U I J N
The Billiard Room.
Front of the Billiard Balls page.
Back of the Billiard Balls page.

Other items and photos

The investigation

The investigation is a complete walkthrough and contains hints, explanations, and solutions.
Where possible, spoiler tags have been used, but CONSIDER THIS YOUR SPOILER WARNING.

  1. Read the front of the instruction card.
  2. Read the back of the instruction card.
    1. Read the Instructions if you need to.
    2. Don't go to the Hints and Tips page.
    3. Don't go to the Solution page.
    4. The Facebook group doesn't appear to exist anymore.
  3. Read the Letter from Mr. X.
  4. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 1.
  5. Visit and read
    1. Per the Instructions, ".html" needed to be added to the URL.

Forrest City Info: January 2017

Downtown Map
Archon Genomics
Christopher's Curiosities
Dante's Book Shop
OTS Law Firm

WELCOME TO Forrest City


As recently reported in The Forrest City Post, a secretive new owner purchased Bedford Manor on Savage Island and began the process of restoring the infamous mansion several months ago after the house had lain vacant for many decades. No one associated with the project has been willing to discuss it with the press, but one confidential source did provide four photographs of some of the completed restoration work with the Manor House. Although the authenticity of these photographs has not been independently confirmed, a historian consulted by the Post did indicate that the photographs appear to conform to the known layout and design of the mansion as first conceived by Nathaniel Bedford.

The Grand Hall
The Ballroom
The Reception Room
The Library

The anonymous source also provided a photograph from the Bedford Manor library of a leather-bound notebook on a desk surrounded by some curious objects. This photograph appears below:


Taking Chances
by Skip Peck
Length 2:24

Forrest City Radio
WCDF 98.6


A hiker found a strange device in the hills overlooking Forrest City. After the picture was posted on social media, other residents posted photos of similar devices they discovered around the city. The Forrest City Post has tried without success to determine who owns the devices. They do not emit signals in any known frequency. Rather, they appear to be some type of receiver or detector.

A new permanent exhibition called Mysteries of the Ancients opened at the Lancaster Museum in downtown Forrest City. The exhibit features archaeological myths and folklore that were dismissed as fantasies by the scientific community until proven accurate years later. The city of Troy from Homer's Iliad is one example. Homer based the Iliad on stories he was told as a child. Until the late nineteenth century, scholars dismissed Troy as a mythical city, a figment of Homer's imagination. But in 1871, the German explorer Heinrich Schliemann followed the geographical clues contained in the Iliad and discovered the remains of the city of Troy in western Turkey, exactly where Homer had said it was. Other examples included in the exhibit are the Minoan civilization, Egyptian knowledge of higher mathematics, and Mayan knowledge of astronomy.

Jungles possess a certain mystique, one that captivates and terrifies us all at the same time. Perhaps it's because they're so good at keeping secrets. In southern and eastern Mexico, they've gotten especially good at hiding the ancient cities of the once majestic Mayan civilization. A team of academics and explorers from Forrest City will brave the jungles of Mexico when they embark on an expedition in search of a lost Mayan city. Dr. David Denton, Professor of Archeology at Drake University, has been studying what remains of Mayan writings and Spanish records of the Mayan civilization. He believes a large Mayan city still lies undiscovered in the tropical rain forest of the Yucatan Peninsula. Denton studied high resolution satellite images of the area where be believed the lost city was likely located. Denton believes the results of his analysis are conclusive: the jungle-choked remains of Mayan temples and pyramids in this lost city await discovery. The expedition is expected to begin in 2017.

Extensive renovations have been underway at the Forrest City Cemetery this year. The work has been undertaken in phases by Gaveas General Contractors. Already completed renovations include dredging and restoration work at the reflection pond, upgrades to the welcome center, resurfacing of the roadways within the cemetery grounds, and rehabilitation of the cemetery chapel which has undergone some settling of its foundation over past decades.

Taking Chances by Skip Peck
Forrest City Radio WCDF 98.6

Forrest City Info: January 2017.
  1. Explore the rest of for background and flavor.
  2. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 2.
  3. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 3.
  4. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 4.
    1. The page is similar to the equivalent.
    2. The version has an additional link, presumably for a previous subscription box.
  5. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 5.
  6. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 6.
    1. Visit and explore for background and flavor.
    2. Call 941-893-2427 and listen to the answering machine.
    3. Email for an automated reply.
  7. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 7.
  8. Read Forrest City Post volume 5 issue 32 page 8.
    1. Visit and explore
    2. Posts specifically related to The Eleventh Hour will be mentioned below.
  9. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 1.
    1. Read the front of the New Year's Eve invitation.
    2. Read the back of the New Year's Eve invitation.
    3. Read Facebook post December 24, 2016 4:34 p.m..
    4. Read Facebook post December 24, 2016 4:57 p.m..
    5. Read Facebook post December 24, 2016 5:17 p.m..

Christopher's Curiosities, December 24, 2016 4:34 p.m.

I'm excited to post that I received a very interesting invitation to a party on New Year's Eve. The invitation does not indicate who my host will be. I have no idea who else has been invited. The New Year's Eve festivities will be held at Bedford Manor on Savage Island. Bedford Manor has been abandoned for decades, but was purchased earlier this year by an unknown buyer. Now I may be one of the first to find out who the new owner is!

Christopher's Curiosities, Dec 24, 2016 4:34 p.m.

Christopher's Curiosities, December 24, 2016 4:57 p.m.

I'll wear my best suit to the New Year's Eve festivities at Bedford Manor on Savage Island. Looks like it still fits! My invitation says that guest rooms will be provided and a water taxi will return us to Forrest City on New Year's Day. I'll take an overnight bag and a change of clothes. I wonder how many guests have been invited?

Christopher's Curiosities, Dec 24, 2016 4:57 p.m.

Christopher's Curiosities, December 24, 2016 5:17 p.m.

I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about attending a party at Bedford Manor on Savage Island when I don't know who the host is and I have no idea who else is attending. But it's too good an opportunity to pass up! No one has set foot inside Bedford Manor for decades! I'm sure I'll know at least some of the guests. I'll pour myself a Scotch to steady the nerves. And before you criticize me for drinking my Scotch on the rocks instead of neat, you should try it first. The ice really brings out the flavor of the Scotch as it melts. Here's to a Happy New Year!

Christopher's Curiosities, Dec 24, 2016 5:17 p.m.
  1. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 2.
    1. Most of the named party-goers have headshots. Christopher and Edward C. Rutherford do not.
  2. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 3.
    1. Presumably, the included champagne flute, napkin, and beads are replicas of the items served that night.
    2. Follow the party-goers movements throughout Bedford Manor: First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, and Foundation Level.
  3. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 4.
    1. The included (and presumably replica) wristband can be seen in this photo and that photo.
  4. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 5.
    1. Casey Cavanaugh is mentioned, but she's not in the original party-goers list from page 2.
    2. One party-goer, Edward C. Rutherford, is not mentioned anywhere else in the entirety of The Eleventh Hour.
    3. We suspect Edward C. Rutherford's inclusion was an error, and it should have been Casey Cavanaugh instead.
  5. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 6.
  6. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 7.
  7. Solve "Puzzle #1: The Hangman Game (Dining Room)".
    1. "B" is included as a correct letter, but is also listed as incorrect. An error, presumably.
    2. If needed, read the official hints from The Mystery Experiences Company:
      1. Hint #1: The puzzle follows the same rules as the Hangman children's game.
      2. Hint #2: The letters below the hanging man do not appear in any of the words in the puzzle and can be ruled out as possibilities.
      3. Hint #3: Try starting with missing letters that you suspect are vowels.
    3. If needed, read some additional hints that might actually be helpful:
      1. Hint #1: Focus on the second sentence first (and perhaps only).
      2. Hint #2: The final word of the second sentence is a location within Bedford Manor.
      3. Hint #3: The first sentence is a quote from a Roman philosopher named Seneca.
    4. View the official solution: ​Every guilty man is his own hangman. Begin in the library.
  8. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 8.
  9. Solve "Puzzle #2: The Stick Figures (Library)".
    1. The Hangman's second puzzle is located: at the bottom of (local copy here).
    2. If needed, read the official hints from The Mystery Experiences Company:
      1. Hint #1: The stick figures are actually a cipher. Decode the cipher to reveal a message.
      2. Hint #2: Look at the items around the notebook. They provide a clue about the cipher.
      3. Hint #3: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featured a dancing men cipher in one of his stories.
    3. View the official solution: The stick figure puzzle is found online at the Forrest City Info website. A photo of the puzzle was given to The Forrest City Post by an anonymous contributor. The puzzle is more properly called The Dancing Men. This cipher was invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Dancing Men." It is a substitution cipher and Sherlock Holmes solves it by frequency analysis. Translation keys and decoders for the Dancing Men cipher can be found online. The cipher reads: "Proceed to the billiard room."
  10. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 9.
  11. Solve "Puzzle #3: The Billiard Puzzle (Billiard Room)": the poem and billiard balls, the grid of letters, and the photograph of The Billiard Room.
    1. If needed, read the official hints from The Mystery Experiences Company:
      1. Hint #1: The poem (which is about billiard balls) is not used to solve the puzzle.
      2. Hint #2: Chart a path through the billiard balls to obtain a number sequence. Use the number sequence to unlock the message hidden in the number grid on the reverse side of the billiard ball page. The billiard room may present a clue as to what path to follow through the billiard balls.
      3. Hint #3: Using the path found in the painting hanging on the wall in the photo of the billiard room, you can chart a path through the billiard balls that reveals the following sequence: 1 13 7 9 5 11 10 8 14 2 6 4 12 15 3.
    2. View the official solution: Starting at the arrow in the upper lefthand corner of the letter grid, use the number sequence to count out the letters in the message. Start with the first number in the sequence (1) and count over one letter to find the first letter in the message (N). Then use the second number in the sequence (13) and count over thirteen letters from the letter N to obtain the second letter in the message (O). Continue this pattern until you have completed the sequence and decoded the message which reads: "Now to the map room."
  12. Read Notes taken by Christopher page 10.
  13. Solve "Puzzle #4: Drawers and Symbols (The Map Room)".
    1. If needed, read the official hints from The Mystery Experiences Company:
      1. Hint #1: Does the configuration of the symbols on the drawers seem familiar?
      2. Hint #2: Where have you seen those symbols before?
      3. Hint #3: The symbols appear on the wristband given to the guests.
    2. View the official solution: The symbols on the drawers are configured in the pattern of a telephone keypad. Compare the symbols on the wristband in the order they appear against the symbols on the drawers as if they were a telephone keypad to reveal a phone number: 941-444-2744. Call the number to determine your next step.
  14. The next step of the investigation no longer works. At this point, it'd be impossible to continue.
    1. But, this walkthrough will continue with the next logical step based on discovery and reference.
    2. Explanation #1: The phone number discovered in the previous puzzle is no longer in-game. Do not call it.
    3. Explanation #2: When called, the recorded message would have instructed you to go to a new website address.
    4. Explanation #3: When searching Google for results, we found one related to the Hangman.
    5. Explanation #4: Based on the official hints for Puzzle #5, this website seems to match the one they refer to.
  15. Visit and read
    1. This is a "puzzle" according to the official Hints and Tips page.
    2. The embedded video is a 1964 animated film of Maurice Ogden's "The Hangman".


The funnel of my family's salvation must continue narrowing towards the gallows.

Being a hangman requires you to take someone else's life based on someone else's judgment, and carry it out on someone else's schedule. The job does not provide the same satisfaction that an ordinary murderer gets from smashing a skull. It robs them of the fulfillment of plunging a knife into someone's throat. The execution is a cold and impersonal affair. There is prayer, a noose, and a few last words.

At the end of it all, you have a broken neck and a dead body swinging from the end of a rope.

  1. Solve "Puzzle #5: The Hangman's Page".
    1. If needed, read the official hints from The Mystery Experiences Company:
      1. Hint #1: Watching the video is not necessary to find the next step, but you will still find it interesting and entertaining.
      2. Hint #2: The quote below the photo of the Hangman is not involved in moving to the next step.
      3. Hint #3: Have you seen any of the noose drawings before?
    2. View the official solution: Look at the champagne flute to find the noose symbol that also appears on The Hangman's Page. Click on that symbol to finish the Hangman's challenges and see his next message.
    3. Clicking the first row's first noose image: sends you to
    4. Clicking the first row's third noose image: sends you to
    5. Clicking the first row's fifth noose image: sends you to
    6. Clicking the second row's second noose image: sends you to


When a group of people are forced to navigate a minefield together, everyone feels a grudging sense of comfort when someone else gets blown up. Though there may be other unseen landmines left in the ground, each death creates a safe spot. A landmine cannot explode twice in the same place. Sure, the explosion robs the survivors of a comrade. Still, each death makes everyone's next step marginally safer. So everyone keeps walking with grief on their faces, and relief in their hearts. Their own deaths are further postponed by the end of another life.



Every good story starts with a simple premise. This one begins with the notion of survival. The determination to live is both instinctive and ferocious. It often encourages compromise with evil. Only the Devil ever benefits from such a bargain.



Congratulations. You've completed my challenges before the passing of the Eleventh Hour. Tomorrow, the boat will return to take you back to the mainland and you each may return to your little lives. Forrest City holds so many dark secrets. Eight of them belong to the eight of you.

Can I tell you my secret? I was rather hoping you would finish in time. A hangman's job is so dull. The least you can do is make it a bit more sporting for me. Don't believe for a moment that I'm finished with you. Each of you must atone for your transgressions. The only question is when the hangman will visit you again.

I have another secret,

Aren't you curious as to who I am?

You haven't figured out my identity by now?

You know me as Johnson Savage.

But didn’t Johnson Savage die? That's what you are now pondering. The answer is no. I did not. But I made you believe that I did. Go and check. You'll find that my room upstairs no longer holds a corpse. You were so easily fooled by the prosthetic around my neck and the contrived scene that I created for you. Pathetic, actually. You should be more observant. I've spent the evening since my "demise" watching you rush about like rats in a maze.

So let me summarize for you the current state of affairs.

The Hangman has come to town. The Hangman's noose awaits you. Your sins will be punished. Your transgressions will be exposed to the world at a time, place and manner of my choosing. You've only earned a temporary reprieve at the Eleventh Hour.

Be sure to enjoy each of the few remaining days you have on this earth ... the Hangman comes again soon.


We solved the puzzle in the map room with little time to spare. The solution was a telephone number, but none of our cell phones worked and Robert had told us that there were no working telephones or internet on Savage Island.

Casey Cavanaugh found a telephone on the desk in the Map Room. She picked up the receiver and heard the sound of a dial tone. She quickly dialed 911. The dial tone persisted. She dialed her office number. Still the dial tone persisted. I took the receiver from her and dialed the phone number that we revealed in the solution to the Map Room puzzle. After a few moments, a recorded voice answered. It directed me to a website address.

After a frantic search of Bedford House, we located a new computer in Nathaniel Bedford's study. I tried several different web addresses — nothing worked. Then I entered the web address given by the voice on the phone. The screen was quickly filled with the Hangman's visage and words. We read the ominous message from the Hangman, both relieved and terrified at the same time. It appeared that we were no longer in immediate danger. But the prospect of continuing to be stalked by the Hangman was almost beyond comprehension.

True to the Hangman's word, the boat returned the next day to take us back to the mainland. We were shocked to find David Denton waiting at the dock. He had hidden all night in the mangroves. After we brought Denton up to date, we discussed our options. We all agreed not to speak about these events to anyone other than law enforcement. We each had secrets to hide. No one was eager to reveal the Hangman's motivations. We would let the authorities handle it.

But we would find no solace or relief. Both the Forrest City Police Department and the F.B.I. refused to investigate, citing a lack of jurisdiction over Savage Island. Phone calls to every part of the federal government that we could think of were rebuffed. We were left without recourse. We were left complete vulnerable to the Hangman.

So now we wait. Some have talked about running. Others about hiring security. But no one has yet taken decisive action. We are a unique club. Our membership is comprised of eight guilty souls hiding dark secrets from the past. And together, we await punishment from the Hangman.

We hope you enjoyed THE ELEVENTH HOUR. Join us for our next mystery experience: HEART OF DARKNESS.

--- The Mystery Experiences Company

Notes taken by Christopher, final entry.

Unanswered questions

  1. Why did the Hangman target these ten people "for very specific reasons that are unique to each of you"?
  2. Does the Hangman think themself guilty of something? What? ("Every guilty man is his own hangman.")
  3. Did the Hangman kill his victims based on "someone else's judgment" and on "someone else's schedule"? Whom?