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| imdb_id        = 2853182
| imdb_id        = 2853182
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== Death and sleaze index ==
== Death and sleaze index ==

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For details on how we index these obsessions, see the Death and sleaze guidelines.

Death and sleaze index

Death by: 1 [1:11:14]: vampire; 2 [1:16:17]: vampire; 3 [1:18:00]: vampire. Sleaze by: 1 [1:06:49] full-frontal nudity.

Death and sleaze reference

Image Time Notes
The Black Water Vampire-2014-Still-00124.png 01:23 Just a body.

If we didn't see the characters die or start to be killed, they're "just bodies" and aren't counted.

The Black Water Vampire-2014-Still-05752.png 57:52 Probably dead, but not blatantly so.

Rob, the group's audio guy, suddenly disappears. Did he make due on his desire to go home early, or was he eaten by the vampire? Given the blood (and the assumption that it belongs to Rob), Anthony's declaration of "guess we know what happened to Rob!" at 1:06:25, and the trope that most found footage usually involves the death of all involved, it's probably safe to say Rob's a goner. But, we never see his death, or his body, so it doesn't meet the guidelines of the Index.

The Black Water Vampire-2014-Still-10649.png 1:06:49 Sleaze by full-front nudity.
The Black Water Vampire-2014-Still-11114.png 1:11:14 Death by vampire.
The Black Water Vampire-2014-Still-11617.png 1:16:17 Death by vampire.
The Black Water Vampire-2014-Still-11800.png 1:18:00 Death by vampire.

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