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<nowiki>*** End of Entry</nowiki>
<nowiki>*** End of Entry</nowiki>
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  <li>Read the notes by Resident 11, Exploration of Sector 7, Resident 11 Ward Room.</li>
[[Category:The Mystery Experiences Company]]
[[Category:The Mystery Experiences Company]]

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Box contents

The following is a visual gallery of all box contents, as well as transcriptions of all text.
There are NO SPOILERS, puzzle explanations, or solutions detailed in this section.

  • Hints and Solutions card
  • Letter from Mr. X
  • The Forrest City Tribune (4 pages)
  • Notes by Resident 11
  • Notes by Resident 11, Exploration of Sector 7
  • Sector 7 cards:
    • Floor plan
    • Resident 11's Room
    • Sector 7 Data Center
    • Sector 7 Exit Door
    • Sector 7 Genomics Lab
    • Sector 7 Holographic Lab
    • Sector 7 Imaging Lab
  • Photos of:
  • A grid of numbers with code words and lines
  • Stylized humanoid with 146 on his face
  • Circuit board puzzle
  • Word search puzzle
  • Blue Note Jazz Cafe matchbook
  • Dr. Maya Patel's pen
  • Key card
  • Magnifying glass
  • Mousepad

The investigation

The investigation is a complete walkthrough and contains hints, explanations, and solutions.
Where possible, spoiler tags have been used, but CONSIDER THIS YOUR SPOILER WARNING.

  1. Read the Hints and Solutions card.
    1. The Facebook group is no longer accessible.
    2. A copy of the official walkthrough and solutions is available: at Media:TMEC-Sector 7-Walkthrough.pdf.
  2. Read the Letter from Mr. X.
  3. Read the Forrest City Tribune page 1.
  4. Explore the rest of ForrestCity.info for flavor.
  5. Read the Forrest City Tribune page 2.
    1. The ArchonGenomics.com page is similar to the ForrestCity.info equivalent.
  6. Read the Forrest City Tribune page 3.
    1. Visit and explore http://www.otsfirm.com/ for background and flavor.
    2. Call 941-893-2427 and listen to the answering machine.
    3. Email OTSfirm@gmail.com for an automated reply.
    4. This is likely all related to a different mystery experience.
  7. Read the Forrest City Tribune page 4.
  8. Read the notes by Resident 11 page 1.
    1. Contrary to these notes, the Resident 11's Room card does show a window.
    2. Presumably the "grid of letters" should be read as "grid of numbers".
  9. Solve the "Resident 11 Ward Room" puzzle.
    1. View the official solution: ​The passcode for the security keypad was provided to Resident 11 through the display on his watch: 1126.
  10. Read the notes by Resident 11 page 2.
  11. Read the notes by Resident 11, Exploration of Sector 7, Resident 11 Ward Room.
  12. Visit http://www.Sector7Containment.com which redirects to http://www.forrestcity.info/sector7containment.html.
    1. Clicking the "Enter password" button sends you to a password-protected PDF document.
  13. Solve the "Resident 11 Computer Screen Access" puzzle.
    1. View the official solution: ​The passcode to the touchscreen panel can be found on a page in the bundle hidden in Resident 11’s room. The black and white page with a grid of numbers contains what mathematicians call a “magic square.” All columns and rows add up to the same number. This is the passcode. The number itself and the magic square concept also have special significance to the themes that run through the Forrest City meta-mystery.
    2. View the actual solution: The password to the PDF is 260.


Sector 7
Resident 11

Resident 11’s condition continues to deteriorate since his admission to the Containment Ward. Memory loss is severe and his ability to form new memories appears to be limited to transient short term memories only. Independent memory retrieval continues to be severely impaired. Scans confirm that the short term memory loss is due to cellular damage in the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

Resident 11 continues to experience paranoia, intermittent periods of rage and violence directed at anyone within his field of vision. He intermittently experiences visual and auditory hallucinations. He also experiences significant disorientation and mental confusion when agitated.

Code Word: mutation

*** End of Entry


  1. Read the notes by Resident 11, Exploration of Sector 7, Resident 11 Ward Room.