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Death and sleaze index

Death by:

Death and sleaze notes

Reference Time Notes
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00330.png 03:30 Death by gun (offscreen).
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00633.png 06:15 Death by glass.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00820.png 08:15 Sleaze by swimwear.

Sleaze is one of the toughest things to accurately index as it is often far subtler than a life-changing event such as death. We tend to err on the side of caution: if we're going back and forth on whether something is sleazy, it probably should be classified as such. In this particular scene, we watch someone swimming and then emerging from a pool, backside to us. Since the whole "emerging from a pool" has been sleazed up in numerous other films (and commercials), we're slightly justified in saying that was a goal here. On the other hand, we don't classify background sunbathers as sleaze: they're not "doing anything", the camera isn't lingering lecherously, and there's no cues from other characters that we should be as lascivious as they are.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00904.png 09:00 Sleaze by nipples through clothing.

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether hard nipples are happenstance or intended. Doesn't much matter for the index though.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-00939.png 09:30 Sleaze by see-through, breasts.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-01249.png 12:30 Death by drowning, snowman.

"Death by snowman" given that Jack's carrot nose was the catalyst, we hear him say "One down, one to gooOoO", and we find out (later) that he can turn into water. It's also hard to believe this guy would have drowned so quickly just by being thrown overboard.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-01322.png 13:10 Death by icicle, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-01623.png 16:20 Sleaze by swimwear.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-01921.png 19:00 Death by anvil, crushing, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-02001.png 19:55 Death by icicle, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-02059.png 20:20 Death by tongs, snowman.

I seem to remember other tong-related injuries, so let's first-class it, eh?

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-02928.png 29:20 Sleaze by modeling, swimwear, nipples through clothing, ice cube.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-03205.png 31:55 Sleaze by mouth, noise, ice cube.

"Sleaze by mouth" covers the potentially arousing use of tongues and lips (slow applying of lipstick and blotting, chewmoaning an ice cube, etc.) without requiring separate categories (though "sleaze by lipstick" and "sleaze by kissing" are valid too). "Sleaze by noise" is a more generic form of "sleaze by dirty talk" and handles unintelligible sound like moans or screams.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-03237.png 32:30 Death by head exploding, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-03300.png 32:45 Death by snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-04342.png 43:15 Sleaze by skippy dipping, breasts.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-04451.png 44:25 Death by drowning, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-04537.png 44:25 Death by frostbite, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05149.png 51:40 Death by tongue ripped out, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05233.png 52:20 Death by limb removal, snowball, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05246.png 52:40 Death by head trauma, snowball, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05254.png 52:50 Death by icicle, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05303.png 53:00 Thrown by snowman?

It's not clear what this quick jump-cut is supposed to say: it doesn't seem like the snowman throws anything at him (though we're given the impression that he does), and there's no blood or snowballs or icicles in any of the frames where he appears. Since there are plenty of more satisfying deaths in this scene, we're not going to index this one.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05306.png 53:05 Death by icicle, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05308.png 53:06 Death by icicle, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05319.png 53:10 Death by blunt force trauma, snowball, snowman.

This particular death was a bit of a quandary. First, we see someone in a checked red robe get power punched through a wall after shouting "What the hell is going on?" He apparently lands in some other guy's bed who yells "Oh my god, get outta my bed!". Then, it seems like Bed Man throws Punch Guy back out through the newly-made hole, also shouting "What the hell is going on?" Unfortunately, the Ejected is not the same person as Punch Guy: he's got a mustache and a solid red robe. The whole quick-cutting transition lasts all of four seconds and I think we're supposed to believe it's the original Punch Guy all along.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-05325.png 53:20 Death by icicle, snowman.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-10852.png 1:08:45 Death by icicle, snowball.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-11202.png 1:11:45 Death by bite, snowball.
Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-11955.png 1:19:45 Run, beachgoers, run!

The snowballs attack, but everyone runs away screaming. No apparent on-screen deaths.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-12254.png 1:22:20 Bodies montage.

There are numerous quick flashes of unindexed bodies throughout this montage (and even earlier at 58:15), but since they're "just bodies" that we never saw their last moments of, they're not indexable: we always prefer action, not just aftermath. At 1:25:16, our bartender says there are "18 bodies to explain"; up to this point, we've indexed 15 vacationer deaths and 2 main character deaths. Given that there is still more than one vacationer alive (based on 1:19:45, above), we've either missed a death, refused to index one that the bartender did, or are merely placing too much weight on internal continuity.

Jack Frost 2-2000-Still-12526.png 1:25:20 Death by icicle, snowman.

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