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Excerpted from the Folktown Records, edition 578.

"When, and how, did Ghyll develop Quezlar numerals?" - Morphous Ibb, age 7 Tim Timperton replies: "Like many things in Ghyll, they were designed to cover up the aesthetic problems of core script. Quezlarian (or Quezlar) Numerals, contrary to popular belief, were invented by Quezlar 6. According to recent research by the Council for Quezlarian Research, Quezlar 6 was so upset with the shape of the core script number in his name that he invented a whole new optional numbering system: Quezlar numerals. Delightfully, VI was the nickname of his wife, Violetta, which explains why 6 is spelled VI in Quezlarian Numerals."

Intriguingly enough, the secretive Council for Quezlarian Research emphatically deny the above claim! But we need not doubt it; Tim Timperton was a high ranking member of the council before taking up post as an agony uncle in the Folktown Records. Why he would change career from a Quezlarian researcher to an agony uncle, one can only guess...