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If you've any questions or suggestions about the wiki and its syntax, the Lexicon rules, Ghyll continuity errors, letting us know you're gonna miss a turn, etc., use this page to wax poetic. Be sure to sign your name (using either the second - from - the - right toolbar icon, or typing two hyphens and four tildes), which also includes the timestamp. Similarly, we'll probably end up using horizontal rules to seperate "threads" that develop. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. --Morbus Iff 11:32, 20 Aug 2004 (EDT)

The random page algorithm is clearly crap. Even though we only have like five pages now, I still got Agony Uncle roughly ten times in a row. @@ XXX FIXME XXX etc. --Sean B. Palmer 12:59, 20 Aug 2004 (EDT)

I disagree. A truly random algorithm could display the same thing 100 times in a row - that's the uniqueness of something being "random". Any algorithm that remembers previously displayed pages creates an expectation: that the next page you see will be one you've not seen before. When you can expect a certain result, that's decidedly not random. Regardless, I'd say this is very faw down on the list of FIXME's, solely because a) I don't really think it's broken and b) the longer the wiki is up, the less it'll be an issue. Thus, entropy rules. --Morbus Iff 13:45, 20 Aug 2004 (EDT)