Carrion Crown

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This is a support page for Morbus Iff's Pathfinder Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

Player characters

Player handouts

I WILL NOT be including the Paizo-provided in-game handouts. I WILL be including those handouts I cobbled together myself.

Session summaries

#01, May 24th, 2012

Arriving at Ravengro to attend the funeral of Professor Lorrimor, a man who has named each of you in his last will, you meet his daughter Kendra and volunteer as replacement pallbearers for the original villagers that never showed. As the procession starts, you’re interrupted by Gibs Hephenus and a group of angry locals, adverse to the idea of a “necromancer” fouling their sacred cemetery. After some choice words they attack, though their ineptness and desire to subdue, not harm, is painfully clear. You’re able to deal with the villagers soundly and safely, but not before Kendra is accidentally hit in the melee. She’s bleeding from her head, but recovering groggily. Councilman Vashian Hearthmount, a mourner who hid during the scuffle, now accuses the PCs of deliberately attacking her.

#02, May 31st, 2012

With Councilman Hearthmount temporarily soothed by Kendra’s plea to finish her father’s final journey, the funeral procession continues without further consequence. Kendra tries to maintain her composure during her eulogy but fails, and asks for others to offer their own memories. The funeral trails off like a whisper, and the characters arrive at Kendra’s house for the reading of the last will and testament. She answers a few questions, then excuses herself to clean up before Councilman Hearthmount arrives. Four cards have been drawn from an old Harrow deck found in the Professor’s belonging, and the night grows ever deeper.