Blood Widow

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Death and sleaze index

Death by: 1 [04:03]: knife; 2 [29:30]: knife, disembowelment, crushed head (insurance); 3, 4 [32:06]: knife, decapitation; 5 [45:57]: knife; 6 [52:23]: knife, dismemberment; 7 [1:05:29]: knife, decapitation; 8 [1:05:36]: knife; 9 [1:07:06]: knife, dismemberment, cat o' nine tails. Sleaze by: 1 [25:11]: sex (unfulfilled); 2 [45:53]: breasts, death.

Death and sleaze reference

Image Time Notes
Blood Widow-2014-Still-00403.png 04:03 Death by knife.

The knife isn't seen, but is assumed based off the metallic sound effects and later kills by the Blood Widow.

Blood Widow-2014-Still-02511.png 25:11 Sleaze by sex (unfulfilled).
Blood Widow-2014-Still-02930.png 29:30 Death by knife, disembowelment, crushed head (insurance).
Blood Widow-2014-Still-03206.png 32:06 Death by knife, decapitation (x2).
Blood Widow-2014-Still-04553.png 45:53 Sleaze by breasts, death.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-04557.png 45:57 Death by knife.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-05223.png 52:23 Death by knife, dismemberment.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10529.png 1:05:29 Death by knife, decapitation.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10536.png 1:05:36 Death by knife.
Blood Widow-2014-Still-10706.png 1:07:06 Death by knife, dismemberment, cat o' nine tails.

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