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For details on how we index these obsessions, see the Death and sleaze guidelines.

Death and sleaze index

Death by: 1 [04:30]: head trauma; 2 [10:05]: blunt force trauma, beating, bookend; 3 [1:24:00]: suicide, self-immolation, fire, gasoline. Sleaze by: None.

Death and sleaze reference

Image Time Notes
Bad Seed-2000-Still-10750.png 04:30
Death by head trauma.

If the details of a death are revealed throughout the film, we note the timestamp of the earliest appearance but index the entire death as we know it. Even though Emily's death starts out as an apparent offscreen beating (based on the background medical chatter), the final cause is revealed much later as simply a hit on the head during a struggle. Generically, we label that as head trauma.

Bad Seed-2000-Still-01059.png 10:05 Death by blunt force trauma, beating, bookend.

We had no real idea what was used as a weapon (we noted "wooden block") but it's clarified as a bookend at 1:01:40.

Bad Seed-2000-Still-12520.png 1:24:00 Death by suicide, self-immolation, fire, gasoline.

Some time was spent debating whether "gasoline" was a useful measure, with the "ideal" death being soaked in it and then set ablaze (exactly as happens here). The Wrecking Crew has a non-ideal version: the gasoline was intended to ignite the factory (with the ensuing fire killing the rest of the gang members) but just so happened to play a part in Ice-T's death by him being in the ignition room. We decided not to retroactively apply gasoline there because it wasn't a "first party" to his death: it was more a "light the gas over at point A and it'll follow this path to point B." It'd be a bit like saying "death by wood" when someone dies in a house fire. We'll use gasoline in the future when there can be no doubt that, without it, the death wouldn't have occurred.

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