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Absurd, also known under a multitude of other titles (Rosso Sangue, Antropophagus 2, Horrible, The Grim Ripper 2, Zombie 6, Monster Hunter, Ausgeburt der Hölle, Maldición Satánica, etc.), is a 1981 Italian film directed by Joe D'Amato and written by George Eastman. Absurd gained much of its notoriety by being considered a video nasty banned by the BBFC. Although often labeled an indirect sequel to D'Amato and Eastman's Antropophagus (with which it shares a number of similarities), it stands alone as its own film.

Eastman stars as Mikos Stenopolis, a man genetically modified with blood that coagulates quickly, resulting in incredible healing powers. The downside of these powers is homicidal madness, and he's chased by a biochemist priest (Edmund Purdom) who happens to be part of the group who granted this gift. As the priest and local law enforcement (Charles Borromel) get closer to his capture, Mikos returns to the house of Katia, who has been bedridden with a spinal injury she has only just recently begun to recover from (in direct opposition to the quickly healing Mikos). When her brother Willy is in danger, frantically banging on a locked door only she can open, Katia decides that her healing needs an emotional, and violent, conclusion.

Absurd has had a number of releases over the years, but none are quite like the Wizard Video (as "Monster Hunter") or Ace Video/Edge Entertainment (as "Zombie 6: Monster Hunter") VHS tapes, whose back covers proclaim a "fiendish" "witch who cruelly blinds her victims", "mutated creatures bent on revenge" or a "sinister fog of doom", none of which actually occur in the film.

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