My second daughter, Scarlett Emily, was born April 16th, 2008.

Julia greets Scarlett

Julia meets her new sister.

Suspicious of butterflies

Scarlett, wide awake and physical, is suspicious of the butterfly.


Julia arrived home Sunday, May 21st, five days after her delivery:

Chloe, Julia, and Maya

Julia, 5 days old, meets the cats.

Julia's Favorite Face

Julia does this face quite often, actually.

Julia's First Bath

Julia's first bath.

Morbus at DrupalCon 2006, Vancouver

I normally hate travelling, but I made it to DrupalCon 2006 in Vancouver.

Web Apps with Tiger: Backups and Speed

My newest O'Reilly article, Web Apps with Tiger: Backups and Speed has been published. The fourth in a new series with a focus on software for your OS X-served web site, this bit focuses on database optimization and backup, plus speeding up execution of PHP scripts with eAccelerator. As with all my Apache articles, however, this reads equally well for Linux-based installations. Make Mine Morbus!

Drupal Conversion In Progress

Browser-based visitors may have noticed something has changed: I am in the gigantic process of switching eight years of webbery over to the Drupal content management system, whilst still maintaining some semblance of anti-linkrot and anti-clean. After spending too much time deliberating, I decided to simply jump in, and crazily so. Thus, you can expect many many things to be broken. Don't hesitate to send me an email.

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