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a little introduction
by Morbus

Some of you might be wondering where the hell Disobey and Devil Shat has been the last couple of weeks (months). Welp, we explained it all within one of our (many) other publications called Chico's Groove, so you'll have to search the archives available at Disobey to find the damn thing. I don't want to repeat myself more than I have to.

Initially, the article below was intended to be distributed on the next release date, almost two months ago. Whatever the case, it's here, and you'll find responses, gripes, bitches, and "what the hell?"'s from John Treacy, who'll explain enough about his hand in Disobey without my help.

Consider it the final recap of the past fifty issues of Devil Shat. Some of it is valid, some of it makes you ask "what the hell is he trying to say?", some will make you nod at his lyrical knowledge, and the rest will question why I published a piece which slammed most of the readers. Whatever the case, respond to this issue with your comments and criticisms - they'll be appreciated.

by John Treacy

You might be asking yourself what the hell is going on.

I am not Morbus, but that's going to become apparent in a few minutes. I am John Treacy. I don't have a pseudonym (although I did and if you can tell me what that was, email me your home address and I'll send you something... cool). I used to be "the other guy" in Disobey but since it's "created" by Morbus now I guess there's no room for the "other guy" anymore.

I used to have a perfectly written description of my duties in Disobey in the Detergent section but now there's more stuff in there about Morbus' girlfriend than me. She may be important to him but I can fearlessly attest that Disobey would not exist if it wasn't for me. Despite its official description, Disobey is not one person. Primarily I am the backboard on the basketball hoop of ideas. 80% of this site has been examined by me before being posted. Many ideas are "swishes" and go right through. Other times I have to play "good backboard/bad backboard" and deflect the "bricks." I give invaluable insight and constructive criticism. My role was important and even without recognition it still is.

Then there's my physical contributions. I am the complete author of "Zero". I did the entire thing save the code. The design, the images, the music, and the reviews. Why am I saying this? Because Morbus' description of the site doesn't include this. I made the logo and design for "Ghost Sites" - which brought most of you here in the first place. And damn it, I make those kick ass Devil Shat images! I also coined the phrase "LEFT WING RADICAL ANTI RACIST TERRORISTS".

You might be saying "big deal, where's Morbus, this guy needs to stop complaining, and I hate the friggin' Wu-Tang clan!" Well, it is a big deal 'cause I didn't get any credit for this shit. "Yeah so? How hard can that shit be?" It's not a question of difficulty but of taste, sense of humor and my being. Which is exactly why I am more than just a contributor to Disobey; it's who I am. Before Disobey, there was John and Kevin. We were friends first and if this were suddenly to end tomorrow we still would be. (For the record though, some of that shit is pretty fuckin' hard.)

I am not an avid reader of Devil Shat. To be honest it can be quite grating and more than a little irritating to read someone's opinion completely unchecked week in and week out. Which is why the email responses are so important and (more importantly) entertaining as shit. What follows is my response to a handful of emails and articles from the past 50 issues of Devil Shat:

ASK THE TV (issue one)

I would have to agree with you here. I don't watch TV at all. Ever. Seriously. It makes me unhappy and sick. However, I am fully prepared to say "that's just me". I don't attest to holding some kinda anti-TV standard in place. It's my personal choice not to watch. I have my vices: Pornography, Horror Movies, Junk Food, CD's, the list goes on... I'll never own a "kill your television" item and hate the people who do. We're all equal in our self-degradation and justification, it's time for us to see each other for who we really are.

AHK! WHAT ARE FRIENDS? (issue two)

" enjoy (or for the goths/haters: tolerate) their company and you generally get along. But can you tell them that you slept with their sister last night?"

This is funny for two reasons: 1) Both Morbus and I were once seeped in "Goth" self perpetuated environments. We wore all black (and... still do), listened to any CD that might be construed as "Goth" and loved (hated) every minute of it. 2) Morbus had an extremely hard time telling me that his girlfriend fantasized about having sex with me.

1) We both made fun of "Goths" to no fucking end as a subliminal distancing exercise. If we hate the past, we can bury it. We don't make fun of them too much anymore, I guess we've justified ourselves. 2) I would NEVER admit to him if my girlfriend (assuming I ever had one) even thought about him, much less about having sex with him.


I disagree with this article because I don't think that humanity fits into one category so easily and also because nobody is "good" or "bad". Violence, drug abuse, sexuality (negative or positive) exists in our society. They're not forces that are closing in around us or trying to crush the "moral fabric" of our families. They ARE us. That is who we are, it's humanity. We could not be made in the image of a higher being; its impossibility for humanity is the highest conceivable high and the lowest conceivable low at the same time. It's both... and usually it's neither but just a middle ground of gratification and its pursuit.

EMAIL RESPONSE FROM YEJQ51B@PRODIGY.COM AND NVZBLE@AOL.COM Whoops, well. Religion IS silly, buddy. Which is why it is so important to so many people. We made it, and therefore it's subject to the rules of humanity: We think we are better than group "b" and yet what we accuse them of, we are also guilty. In the immortal words of Easy E: "Niggas, Crackers, Jews, If there's hell below, we're all gonna go." one question, were you the president or founder of the Stabbing Westward fan club?


Morbzi? One of the most pointless and shocking articles in Devil Shat's history. More or less confirms the untrue assumption of AOL that Devil Shat was a racist ezine. "And our society must strike back." I guess Morbus has been taking queues from Darryl Gates or maybe


Look! We got a response from a pseudo-nazi! Hey Adolph, how's the "shitty" (painful excuse for racial stereotypes) actors index coming? And exactly what IS a "black propaganda film?" "Panther?" "X?" Lol. Can somebody PLEASE get this guy a clue on the situation of race in American history and more importantly in today's society. p.s.: while not a fan of his, I have never heard 2pac speak the phrase "my shit be dope." I guess you knew him better than I did.

WHY EVIL IS COOL (issue thirteen)

"I just finished reading your article on "Why Evil is COOL". I loved it!! You hit the nail on the head!"

It's called missing the point...

"A little over a year ago, I had the very unfortunate task of finding my neighbor's 11 year old son dying in his bedroom of a gun shot wound to the head. To say it was an awful sight doesn't even come close to describing the scene. Truly awful, I am angered by senseless death like this, when the hell will people learn to keep their guns OUT of the house. As I waited in the house for the ambulance to arrive, I noticed that the boy's walls were covered with posters from the movie The Crow and Mortal Combat. All the video games lined up on his shelves were death and destruction games."

Crap... I can see where this is going.

"It occurred to me then that the images we let our children see every day do more harm than any of us take the time to realize! Kids are taught that death isn't REAL..."

Hmmm, and WHO teaches them this?

"They see the actor on the cop show get murdered this week & they know that the same guy will be fine in next week's sitcom. The badguys that are destroyed in the video games our kids play all hop right back up to play again next time. Children learn by example..."

Yeah no shit, so you'd better set a fucking good one!

"We adults are missing the big flick every time we let our kids see or participate in things that teach them that death isn't a forever event!"

Hmmm... perhaps if you DIDN'T let Johnny Cage teach your kids about fire safety...

"And they also learn from our inability to teach. Each year, as we become less and less in love with our families, kids are learning from what other people to tell them. From what the big sixth graders are doing, from what the next door neighbor is doing. How long has it been since anyone has given their youngun a birds and the bees speech? Or a drug and violence speech? It has been so very very long."

And where did you learn this, Skeletor? The Snake Mountain Oracle? How the hell do you know when the last time parent X gave child Z a heart to heart?

"The day after my neighbor's son died, I purged our entire household of anything that my children didn't need to see."

That's called setting a BAD example... some concerned parent you are.

Video games went into the trash and our tv viewing habits underwent a massive change. I don't want my family to be de-sensitized to violence.

Ok, perhaps next week you could teach them the evils of censorship... oh wait, they just had a first hand experience.

"I WANT them all to be completely shocked and horrified by scenes of death and destruction, should they happen upon them..."

FUCKING EXACTLY! I am absolutely mortified by real violence. It makes me sick. I can't even stand the sight of blood. BTW: I just finished watching Friday The 13th VI for the 80th time. Man, Jason musta killed enough people to fill a small country in that one... funny thing: I don't recall feeling sick once during the entire movie. Or any of the other times I've seen it. Hmmm, could THIS be the difference between real violence and fake violence? Surely I must be completely desensitized after watching countless hours of horror movies and listening to Slayer and Ice Cube CD's all the time. Nope, not when it comes to real violence. Still makes me sick...

"It's how truly civilized people SHOULD feel by sights like that!"

Uhhh, yeah, when it's real. Hey thanks for setting the standard I was confused for a moment there. I guess I was thinking for myself.

"Having seen such a sight in reality, I feel fully qualified to say that a confrontation with true horror isn't cool, it isn't fun... and in the real world when someone blows their brains out, they don't ever get up again afterward and go on with their happy little lives the next day. All you get from that in reality is THE END!"

Never seen anything like that in my life and I can make the same deduction... it's called "good parenting". Maybe you should talk to my mom.

KILL A TREE FOR CHRIST (issue seventeen)

Can we say GREAT title?

"What the hell does killing trees have to do with Jesus? Jesus is pure good."

Woah!!! You know Jesus? Man, THAT'S cool.

"Everyone is a critic. You can't criticize someone who is perfect until you are perfect."

Do you know "Ali M.?" Cause if it wasn't for you two, I'd have my own thoughts. I guess I should just stop writing this now... nah

HAPPY DONE-THAT YEAR (issue seventeen)

"Honestly, Morbus, this used to be an interesting mag. Now, sorry, but I think it comes across as the typical, spoiled, raised in the suburbs, go to the convenience store/mall, hang out whining of brats who have never had a really bad time in their lives. BORRRRRRINGGGGG!"

Hmmm, do I smell something? Could this possibly have something to do with Morbus dumping your tired 45-year-old ass like a fat Albert pudding pop bomb? It wasn't even a REAL relationship, it's the Internet for shit sake, no, not EVEN the internet: it was AOL. And for the record, I might not have suffered hardship but that doesn't mean I have no right to be angry or even depressed (of which I clinically am). And I don't like being called a brat, dike!


There was a little bit of japanimated nipple on this picture and it was cut off. Proving that we might be "Disobey" but as much as we'd like to think we don't care about what people think, we really do. Hell, saying, "I don't care what people think" is proof that you do. Which is why we don't feel the need to say it. Even though we just did...

THE TRIX RABBIT (issue twenty one)

A perfectly written and effective article. Thank you, honestly.

Well, Kaptain Amerikkka strikes again. "I mean, come on, racism and cereal commercials." Oh, your absolutely right... there's just no way. The deadliest force is that which cannot be seen, bitch.

'HELLO' IN SIGN LANGUAGE (issue twenty seven)

The only way I figured I could get a feminine point of view was to ask. I would like to thank Ivy, who wrote that which follows, for her quick response in my time of want."

'Fraid not, honkey, this was DEFINITELY your time of NEED. If I could pick any article to be stricken from the Devil Shat record, it would have to be this one. I never knew how many different ways I could say "WRONG!" to myself while reading... thanks Morbus. Ivy's response was needed but didn't deliver the goods. I guess it said the right things but it wasn't (ahem) strong enough.

And your name is JesusHouse. Do I really need to say any more? "Like the lesbos in the woman's movement"; this was the guy who took the "good deep dicking" line in Chasing Amy seriously. Yes but if the gravity that was causing me to plummet to my doom was a thinking and feeling person, I could reason with them. I could say "no" and they would stop. Speaking of jumping off of bridges, perhaps you'd like to humor me for a bit... think I'm kidding? If you never woke up tomorrow I wouldn't feel bad about it, one less closed mind, one less waste of time.

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? (issue thirty one)

A "what would YOU do pin would be better" (leggo my EGO) 'Morbus' is a little too specific and then we'd all have mangy sideburns... a really good friend of mine (and one funny motherfucker) once said: "I think about what Jesus would do... and do the complete opposite" (doesn't sound funny written but you'd shit yourself if you heard him say it).


"Media undermines women who are over the age of 30"; actually it's not just women but all people. However, women get it from a sexual / attractiveness as well as usefulness to society standpoint, which I agree, sucks. But the expiration of usefulness is valid. If you're old please die. I don't care if your 15 or 50 but if you're old just do us a favor...

The rest of the article was well written and better still RIGHT! However:

"Make a magazine with models of all shapes and sizes and ages. Take them off the streets, out of the office buildings, supermarkets, households"

This doesn't solve shit, it just creates a new standard of beauty. Lastly the "media" is subject to the laws of humanity because we run it. It's evil as ass but it is human. We are disgusted with it because we are disgusted with ourselves. Perhaps this is why women and girls mutilate and starve themselves. The human condition is an inescapable affliction of evolving contradiction and we just take more.

LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS: NO!, PART ONE (issue thirty two)

"The rant, appealing to baser fears and lacking any attempt at researching the subject, is indicative of where your newsletter has been heading the last couple months."

This was an excellent point and I'm not quite sure why it was never addressed. Along with the other points you had made, this stands as one of the most reflective and seriously questioning responses we've ever received, thank you.

In the immortal words of 2pac shakur: "instead of a war on disease or a war on poverty they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me."




"I think Operation Ivy summed it up with 'Our vulnerability is all our insensitivity'." In a world like this you have to show some signs of not being affected. Because once you are disturbed, then they can control you and program you to be like everyone else in the world."

Ok, not trying to be an asshole here, but that has to be the most painful misinterpretation of song lyrics I've EVER read. It's the opposite. What Jessie was trying to say is that we MUST show signs of being affected. Those things he described in the song NEED to matter but we're acting like they don't so we're dooming ourselves. Hence; "and it's gonna be the death of us just you wait and see..." The vulnerability is our insensitivity, our lack of sensitivity and compassion, our showing of signs that we are not affected. That's what's hurting us.

"Don't take shit from people you don't feel [are] authorized to give it."

Authorization complete...

send us an email


yes and no.

J meant it in a more broad term than that, BUT it may have not fit together but that last part was my opinion. I seriously believe that many people care and can show how insane this all is in their own way. But I myself do care about all the "affairs" that are being pressed, but (there's that word again) I do believe that you have to show some signs of not being totally phased by all this. This is not to say that you laugh in the face of someone who has just been shot, or break down in tears, but to not be totally numbed to the bone that it drowns out everything else. And when the word insensitivity came into play, it was used to convey the fact that people didnt give a shit at all, that they were curious and acting merry as to the pain of another (insert word describing person). Signs of not being affected are keeping a stiff upper lip while a loved one dies, not breaking out into tears over the death of a pet. Everyone understands that you feel the loss but they can also see that it is not setting you back much (example: you not ever leaving your house because sparky kicked the bucket). What Jessie was trying to convey was we NEED to STOP the dumb shit antics. He wanted us all to care when someone we didnt know got stabbed, not to say "oh well, good thing it wasn't me". That was how he was describing insensitivity. That is what is "gonna be the death of us...", not showing to the world that even though one of our "brothers" has died we aren't gonna stop. I guess what I am aiming at would be the gross apathy of people. Sorry if I didn't clear that up more in the first response. (and no, this is not to save face)

(and yes i was stoned when i wrote the first response, thats why it jumps around)


wow. as far as 51 goes, That was alot of whining. speaking as an electronic / industrial artist, the music section should be AXED and replaced. The reviews would have been a nice thought, but they were about as regular as, well, they weren't, and I wont even bother trying to find a catchy yet degrading comparison to finish that phrase off with. It's just not worth the effort. Its good that it was published, since devil shat is pretty reputable for 'voicing the uncommonly heard opinion' but please.

enough is enough.


Hey guys great issue. I like the comments to readers emails and some of Morbus' articles you should try to do this on maybe a yearly basis, sort of a trip in the way back machine to see what happened over the course of the year. I also really enjoyed reading someone else's writings other than Morbus' for a change albeit I like Morbus' writing but sometimes a change is good. I am sure that many people agree. Well thanks for the great issue keep 'em comin


your friend is a complete dick. when i wrote email for why rape is hello in sign language you asked for people's opinions. this was mine. as a matter of fact i know it was partially my fault in what happened to me, and i know many other people that realized the same thing. it's nice of him to be able to control himself from raping people but some people aren't that sane.. well.. to say he is sane is really an overstatement. kevin i have no idea how you could even be friends with this guy. he singlehandedly ruined disobey for me forever. and to think i got all my friends to sign up for this damn ezine too. fuck off.

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