Comic Vineyard 1.1 released

[Original post on Comic Vine]

Comic Vineyard is a way of tracking your comic book collection using Comic Vine's functionality and data. You maintain your public collection of comics in a Comic Vine "list" and then use Comic Vineyard to take that data and turn it into a display of your choice. Comic Vineyard exists to address two of the most troubling aspects of tracking your comic book collection: getting all your data in, and getting better looking data out in a way you'd like. Without further hesitation:

The goal of Comic Vineyard v1.2 will be theme improvements: I've got a lot of incremental tweaks there that should be easy to do but, because of the Cataclysm, I don't have an immediate idea of when the next release will be. Don't fret, however: keep your comments, suggestions, complaints, etc., coming, and I'll address them regardless.


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