School's Horror Flick Probe Leads To Teacher's Exit

An anonymous source reported that Julie Cantrell was filming a movie around the school without permission after hours, according to a statement released by Acting Superintendent Dr. Terrence Kushner. "From the few clips that could be viewed on the Internet, it was apparent that the film, although not finished, was of the horror film genre," Kushner said in his statement. Read more.

In one scene actors carried chain saws into the school, and during the film Mrs Cantrell's character was shot in the head. No students had acted in the film, but one 18-year-old student, whose parents had signed a release, worked behind the scenes. Read more.

Julie Cantrell, 34, of Peters, a high school math teacher in the district for four years, resigned effective today, four days after the school board approved her resignation without comment at its Monday meeting. Her husband, Brooks Cantrell, 35, said she was forced to resign or face dismissal and a possible loss of her teaching certificate. Read more.

It doesn't take a leap of fate to say this will suck. More information about the flick at it's official website. Brooks says he "felt really good about shooting a horror film using no nudity to tell a story." I suspect, however, no one actually wanted to get nude in the film - if it was really "oooh, it's about the story, people, the story!", he wouldn't have used such a horrific teaser image on its website.

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