New Media Operations - Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we've tried to answer common questions and concerns as best as possible. If you don't find yours addressed here, feel free to contact us by e-mail at

What is New Media Operations?

   New Media Operations, a department of Time Inc.'s Information Technology Division, is the organization responsible for the management, monitoring and maintenance of Time Inc. New Media's Internet website, Pathfinder. New Media Operations Provides:

  • 24 hour support.
  • Hardware and Operating System operation and maintenance for all Pathfinder production and development servers, development workstations, telecommunications circuits, and network equipment.
  • E-mail based help desk system via with call tracking and ownership for all Normal System Issues/ Requests / Enhancements.
  • Single New Media Operations Hotline telephone number (212-522-7742) to call for all Critical System Issues.
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Who should I contact in case of an Emergency?

In the case of a Pathfinder emergency, please call the New Media Operations Hotline at 212-522-7742.  This number is answered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm weekdays and all day on weekends, a help desk representative will be available to answer all calls and to page an on-call Operations engineer.

What constitutes an Emergency?

Critical system issues are defined as those severely impacting TINM‚s business.  Issues include:

  • Loss of Production Servers - WWW, Quote, Mail, CGI, Stager, Sybase, Authentication, DNS, Content Publishing (CP), Roadrunner, Personal Edition, Chat / BBS (special events only) - includes server not responding to pings, telnet, ftp, or http requests.
  • Loss of Internet Network Connectivity - Local Director, Border Routers, T3 circuits, Firewall - indicates  the inability to connect to or any hosted domain via HTTP from outside the Pathfinder network due to equipment failure or ISP circuit failure.
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How do I obtain an a Pathfinder user account and/or SecureID?

Everyone must have their direct supervisor or department head fill out the online account request form on your behalf before an account is created.

The form can be found at

Once this form is filled out and received by the operations group, you will receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement that you must sign and return before your account and /or SecurID can be activated.

Please plan in advance and allow 5 business days for your request to be addressed.

The agreement letter specifies that you will not:

  • Share your SecurID.
  • Share your account.
  • Disclose your password or PIN code.
  • Remove confidential material from Pathfinders servers.
  • Disclose any information proprietary to Time Inc.
If another party does wrongful activity on your account, you are responsible!
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How do I obtain access to CP, Stager, Inside, etc.?

You must have your direct supervisor or department head provide the appropriate documentation.  If you already have an account on CP, have your supervisor or department head send an email to specifying the access you will need.

If you do not have an account on CP, your supervisor must fill out the account request form found at
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Who should I call when I notice broken links or other content related issues?
Broken Links should be reported to the Editor or Producer of the site with the problem.
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My SecureID is broken!! What should I do?

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  I need to be added to an email list. What should I do?

Send an email to  stating exactly what you need.
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  Help! I forgot my PASSWORD!

Send an e-mail with the subject field 'FORGOT PASSWORD' and your mail address to

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  How do I submit a technical request?

Technical requests should be submitted by E-mail to

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  What is the turnaround time for submitted requests to be responded to?

Requests are process within 5 working days.  Emergencies should be called in to 2-7742
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  I need help with my desktop machine. Who should I call?

Call Desktop Support at 522-7777
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 How do I get my computer hooked up to the Net?


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 I keep hearing about "Backbone" versus "T3".  What's the difference?

The "Backbone" is Time Inc.'s building wide network connection.  The "T3" is a Pathfinder specific
             connection.  Most users are connected to the Backbone with exceptions made on a case by case basis.
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 How do I request a new domain (e.g.

See the Domain name information page.

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