The cost of a domain name is $100.00 for the first two years and $50.00 for each subsequent year.

We are currently only registering second level domains in the .COM top level domain .  There is currently a plan to expand the domain name space with an additional seven  top level domains however, this will not be in effect until the second quarter of 1998.  We will update this page as these changes take affect.

These services will register the domain while charging excessive fees ($250.00) for their services.  INTERNIC.COM is NOT associated with the InterNIC (  They are preying on people who enter the wrong URL.  The US Federal Trade Commission is trying to stop this practice.  For more information about this see the FTC press release on the topic.

To register a domain for use by Pathfinder
This process requires several days to complete.
Please allow as much lead time as possible when requesting domains.
     1. Check the whois listing to verify that the domain is available.  You can also check for the availability of a domain at the InterNIC whois page.  2. Send an e-mail to Stuart Mantel requesting that the domain be registered.  In the e-mail please include: 3. When the registration has been completed (usually 2 working days), you will receive an e-mail confirming the domain.

4. It usually will require another 3 business days to complete the internal configurations required to begin serving the new domain to the public.  When this is done, you will be receiving another e-mail.

To see a listing of domains controled by Pathfinder click here.

Questions or comments should be directed to Stuart Mantel ( phone: 212-522-9918.