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Back in 1998 (July 12th was the filestamp), I went around trying to  get
people to ask me if I'd like to see them semi-nude. But, not just boring
old emails (tooOO simple), but rather, record themselves saying it  into
a microphone  (as  opposed  to,  say,  a  shoe).  Happily,  I  got  nine
submissions which  I  archived  privately  for  posterity.  Now  they're
available  publicly  and  perversely  (I've  maintained   the   original
psuedonyms of the folks who sent them in; I suspect some have  changed).
I'd  have  to  say  my  favorite  is  definitely  poisyn_doll.wav,  with
ickie_pantsoff.wav a close second.

I'd also like to reopen and reannounce the submission process - if you'd
like to record yourself saying some variation of "Morbus, would you like
to see me semi-nude?", then I will most assuredly post them  in  a  more
timely manner than six and a half years later. Just drop me an email  at
morbus@disobey.com (.wav and .mp3 files are preferred).
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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [SND] ickie_cowboy.wav 2004-11-30 14:53 30K I guess this is supposed to be a cowboy. [SND] ickie_deepvoice.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 35K Not deep blue, not deep within, deep voice. [SND] ickie_girl.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 33K Are you a saucy lady? A SaucycyyC lady!? [SND] ickie_girl2.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 29K This one almost sounds like jailbait. [SND] ickie_pantsoff.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 74K Sex offender offers the removal of pants. [SND] ivy_icould.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 61K Southern, seems kinda inappropriate, does it? [SND] kandinski_semi-naked.ogg 2005-01-10 14:36 53K His name is Kandinski, and he's wondering... [SND] kandinski_semidesnudo.ogg 2005-01-10 14:36 51K Kandinski SAYS SOMETHING I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND! [SND] poisyn_baby.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 44K Ok, yeah, this one is definitely jailbait. [SND] poisyn_doll.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 37K Definitely one of my favorites. Mmmhmm. [SND] unknown_undress.wav 2004-11-30 14:54 69K Various states of ickie? Not entirely sure.