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collected_works.tar.gz (1998 - 2000):
  Collected Works was  meant to aggregate,  good or bad, everything by a
  particular writer, be it screenplays, short films, or "what the hell?"
  fiction. Died due to lack of interest, disappearance  of  the original
  authors, and very little time for me to actually read the new works.

low_bandwidth.tar.gz (1998 - 2000):
  Low Bandwidth appeared in early 1998 and quickly became the only email
  ezine database around, having convinced  Todd  Kuiper's Ezine Database
  and the Email Ezine Emporium to combine their listings  with our  own.
  Low  Bandwidth began to appear quite  regularly in resources dedicated
  to promoting your ezine, but  failed due to a lack  of automation: the
  staggering number of submissions sounded its death knell.