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  Won the Cruel Site of the  Day  award  on  April  14th,  1998  with  a
  description of "Sheep Cruelty that has nothing  to  do  with  Kentucky
  Coming-of-Age Rituals". It was also the Yahoo!  Internet  Life  Pretty
  Strange Site of the Day for February 17th,  1999.  Peter  Tosi  writes
  "sheep are pretty thick, I have worked on sheep ranches  in  Australia
  and sheep tend to follow each other like  lemmings,  they  also  don't
  like gates and shadows which is why they jump like they do. However  a
  flying sheep can hurt, I was once head butted by  a  Merino  ram  that
  tried to jump over me while I was herding the flock  through  a  gate,
  wow did I have a headache the damn thing was nearly as heavy as me.  I
  think he was a Kamikaze ram. Or maybe he just  rammed  me.  PS  that's
  rammed not reamed, I'm not from Kentucky."