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Tobaine, Ghyll Scholar

Tobaine is a half-breed. Unfortunately, his heritage is not known, and both are rumored to be not human, possibly sub-human, and undoubtedly very ugly, at least. It is believed, fortunately for humanity, that no one has ever actually seen Tobaine. In fact, he communicates only through various forms of post, oftentimes in a script known only to himself. These letters are regarded as authorative nonetheless and many interpretations and conjectures have been made about his actual meanings. There is one theory suggesting that Tobaine is actually a five year old who has gotten hold of a Stygan Pencil. Another theory suggests that Tobaine is a Groton who enjoys too much Zhur Grot.

Tobaine, Ghyll Player

In real life, he is John Denton, who runs multiple wikis, probably too many. His best is The Acadine Archive, which is an encyclopedia of mythology, religion, the parnormal, and the 'on crack'. Actually, he is considering creating another wiki for the 'on crack' content.

Nice. I recognize your work. --Morbus Iff 12:03, 13 May 2005 (EDT)
Thanks. --Tobaine 12:46, 16 May 2005 (EDT)