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Morbus Iff, Ghyll Scholar

According to his recovered journals, Morbus Iff is "ethereally real and surreally not". Physically demented and officially demoted, this rogue scholar was once a member of the secretive Council for Quezlarian Research until he was found naked and covered in a brown fluid in some unremarkable civilian's basement. Although the Council won't reveal further details, they've suggested his work "deeply and perversely flawed" and have invalidated the research he performed for them. Exactly how he's making contributions to the Ghyll encyclopedia, or his current whereabouts, are unknown.

  • The above is, of course, just another example of the jocose lies and half-malicious half-truths commonly associated with our good Morbus. It is an open secret among the scholarly community, after all, that he holds the position of Editor-in-chief with the Encyclopedia, and is responsible for the Mighty Stomp that ensures that low-quality contributions are excluded or swiftly removed. As for his location-- I ask you! Can anyone so readily findable by the simplest of searches be said to have "whereabouts unknown"? Try it for yourself, Gentle Reader. --Jcowan 13:10, 11 Dec 2004 (EST)
  • I thought that "whereabouts" was slang for those fashionable, or garish depending on your point of view, external undergarments that he's known to wear. What are his current whereabouts? Nobody knows because nobody wants to look. --Sean B. Palmer 15:53, 12 Dec 2004 (EST)

Morbus Iff, Person

Creator of and
Professional writer, coder, blah blah. BOoORiRIiiing.

Morbus Iff, Experimentation

My /notepad contains oddness and experimentation of other game-by-wiki thingies.