Readmilling: Scripts for ebook reader Readmill's API

I've recently fallen in lust with Readmill, a social ebook reader for iDevices that lets me share my notes and highlights (and, most importantly, allows people to comment on them, something which Kindle's web-export doesn't provide). Readmill goes a step further, however, and provides all the data in a not-entirely-shabby API, which solidifies my hankering even further.

I've since started developing Readmilling, a set of open source scripts utilizing Readmill's API. The first release includes book-comments.php, which tries to merge all comments left on similar highlights into a single entry. This particular view is impossible to get inside the Readmill app or on their site, but access to the API makes it relatively easy (but time-consuming).

Future scripts will likely include an exporter for all your data (open question: what formats would you like the export in?), a "Today in Readmill" that'd be a bit of a merge between the existing Explorer and your friends-only user stream, and a more advanced search engine that lets you fiddle with all the doohickeys the API provides. If you've your own ideas, you can certainly drop me a line at and they might end up as an open source script for everyone to use.