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Alright folks it is about time! At 8:30 EST theGang is watching Dr. Phibes Rises Again w/ Vincent Price. Join in with us!!
10 minute countdown to! Get your Netflix queued up, and find out more at http://t.co/heupOiyb.
This film is based on a true story....
American and those Other Countries.
The voice-over narrator speaks with the easygoing manner of The Amazing Criswell
It's true! The narrator said so! “@GenXnerd: This film is based on a true story....”
They just jumped right into this story didn't they!
Oh God, it's Willard!
His Clockwork musicians seem a bit orange
Where in the World is Dr. Philbes?
@sewdork You're missing the thing I made a joke about in #Hellraiser!
Three Years Later. This movie is that long?
I have a bed exactly like that!
The "eternal" planets? As opposed to the "trendy" planets that only last for a few years?
Oh, Mr. Narrator, now tell us a story about Buck Rogers!
"Yawn... What have a missed? The Red Sox won a World Series!?!?!?! How long was I out?"
And now a reading from St. Paul.
Vincent Price hasn't even spoken yet and he's already hamming it up.
The aromas… the aroOOMmahhs!
I love the Phibes series - this is one of those "good" sequels you don't hear much about.
Phibes was the original keyboardist in ELP.
Quick my dear! To the PhibesMobile!
So… now you're Ra's Al Ghul and Talia?
I'm impressed by his ability to chew the scenery without moving his lips.
JOHN GALE, not Phibes, you plebs! Vibrochord goOoO!
It was Peter Cushing, wasn't it!?
Sorry, Phibes. The mortgage on your mansion adjusted upward while you were asleep. It's BOA's now.
Enter Phibes' quarry for this film. #sorry
The papyrus says Mummy 3 will suck.
My Dear Man, this isn't a resurrection formula, it's a Tijuana Bible!
When these guys play pool, it's all solid, baby… all solid.
I'm *positive* Robert Quarry wore that same smoking jacket in Count Yorga. #FrugalAIP
"About the time as the rings around Uranus! People still like that joke, right?" --Phibes
Sometimes it's like my breasts on the pool table.
THRILL at the non-stop Pool action!
...Is the snake shaving? Does Norelco breed reptiles?
This is why you're supposed to watch out for snakes. They could be clockwork creatures.
I am having Netflix issues... working on it guys.
You'd think a muscley guy would just rip the snakes apart instead of coordinating hand & eye with a pool cue.
That should have said "Animatronic snakes bitches!"
"You play solids. I'll be stripes." --The Snake.
That was one of the most invasive ways to kill someone ever.
Yeah, Price doesn't have any vocal lines. He only needs the power of his EYES to make the scene.
Yay! The befuddled constabulary is back! Whoooo!
With respect, you're a fucking dick
37 cents.
He brilliantly deduced that an attack by a mechanical snake was a "calculated" act.
Hawking would sound so much cooler with a Phibes synthesizer.
Brain Shishkebob to waltz dancing.
Wait, wait, the Titanic was real?!
If only M. Night could set up weird twists half as well as Phibes.
Time for my Laudanum.
Quarry is so very...
Ooh, mine, too! “@DisgrunScholar: Time for my Laudanum.”
Not even Basil of Baker Street!
Everyone speaks such proper English in this film.
With his Mickey Mouse gloves, nothing can stop Phibes now!
Incurable psychopath, sure, but damn if he's not an incurable romantic.
@morbusiff I'd hate to see Dr. Phibes in Fantasia. @_@
Just like the band at my local Chucky Cheese!
"Hmmm. My mustache is glorious!"
I need a traveling clockwork band
I suddenly thirst for "Muller's Gin" Gin.
Enjoy your two minutes of Peter Cushing
Peter Cushing!!! Whoooo! #Fangirling
Now if you'll excuse me, Alderaan is waiting.
The Doctor!
Oh, and a gunshot.
2 minutes of Peter Cushing is better than no minutes of Peter Cushing. “@TheWickerBill: Enjoy your two minutes of Peter Cushing
And to "The Thief and the Cobbler" I'm sure it will be grand.
I must say those are some sweet gloves!
I like to feed the back of my neck too
@word_countess You have an excellent point, my dear
Phibes is going to have some 'splaining to do to Corpse Bride about Vulnavia.
Behold, SKELETONS!!!
Count the toes! It's the LOST statue!
This movie is halfway between CLeopatra and Manos.
Before Shredder, Phibes was master of the Foot Clan. #YouCanUseItMichaelBay
It's not commonly known that Ancient Egyptians invented Art Deco.
This might be what a live action BioShock looks like.
"Yes, none of us are as good as Price, are we?"
Is that man going to a formal dance? Why is he wearing a flower?
Terry-Thomas!!! In the AIP tradition of reusing actors and smoking jackets...
High Phibes!! Low Phibes... ah to slow!
Spoiler alert: Phibes killed Terry-Thomas in the first movie. He got better.
She is a pretty good painter but can she paint a ceiling?
I'm picking up good Phibrations.
So the Clockwork Band is on tour, huh?
@DisgrunScholar You can see them at a Chucky Cheese in your local area.!
"That's where my hat shop is."
This movie just turned khaki!
You know, this movie is kinda silly. #CaptainObvious
@GenXnerd @disgrunscholar Or a Spencer's Gifts! (Do they still have those?)
@DisgrunScholar Yeah, but this is the same era where Vincent made "Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine."
This bird fight is 1000% better than any of Birdemics!
@word_countess @disgrunscholar I haven't been to a Mall in at least 10 years.
It was the hawk, the hawk!, that caused the great Chicago fire!
Big horn with a lil' gal!
Someone needs to tell that bird that looking right into the camera is soOO film school year one.
Dr. Phibes Vulnavia cosplay: GO!
Oh, generic bird cry takes me right back to many a tale of the Herculoids.
@morbusiff At least they didn't go with CGI birds.
Missing 12 minutes at the start of this has really screwed my perception of this film up.
@mkglert "When he came to me, that night, the tuba stood in the corner, its brassiness a glint in our eyes."
@word_countess Or those raptor bird things from the Star Trek: The Animated Series episodes.
I think we found this year's Halloween costume! I'll be Phibes. You be Vulnavia. “@mkglert: Dr. Phibes Vulnavia cosplay: GO!”
So Phibes is...The Keymaster?
@word_countess @mkglert Can I be the Tuba?#Halloween #cosplay
Intellectual Freedom? Well, thank God we're all idiots!
Cigars, Cigarettes, Ears, Noses.... Get your Roman Noses!
@morbusiff @word_countess Sure! Now we need two enormous feet.
I'm trying to live forever, how can human life mean nothing to me? Mine does! Yours… eh, not so much.
The Rolls Royce of coffins
Bider Beck and Bilbo Baggins and Billy Batson! All of them!
Clockwork Wizards & enough Vulnavian costume changes to justify a suitcase co.… that's what goes on there
Vulnavia, Victoria, Vesuvia, Valeria...
@mkglert Venerial?
MMMmm, shadow porn. That really needs to be a marketable sub genre.
@mkglert Valium?
Millenniums? What? Pull over, movie. #GrammarPolice
@morbusiff I have a HD full of it!
Ah, it's the "Kiss the Girl" scene of B-Movies.
When I see thecrew making fun of DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN, I get a sad. That movie makes fun of itself, you know. #istillloveit
I bet we could find some shadow porn actors here on Twitter!! Anyone? Shadow porn?
@GenXnerd Remind me to abuse your Dropbox bandwidth again after the movie.
Iron Shiek!Price is Pleased!
@mkglert Vulnavia: strongly invokes female genitals, yet least sexy name ever. #VulnaviaGalore
"Could you scream a bit louder? You're totally not in synch with the violin!"
"Maybe they can sell us Droids!"
So, is Price...Prof. X or something?
"3 dunes east. Now a dune to the right. Now back up about a quarter dune."
Phibes is wearing a Hypercolor robe.
Behold, Nazgul!Price!
"This isn't Hyde Park." Ooh, buuuuuurn!
"This isn't Hyde Park. ...It's Tahrir Square, so yeah, go ahead."
Phibes on a giant swamp boat, looking for the elixir of life, whilst being chased by Barbeau. #MakeItHappen
Vulnavia + the Machine.
Hammy Murders for Hammy Actor!
I love how Phibes' contraptions appear out of thin air
Awww yeah, the tuba's back.
Wait, so he only killed one of them?
Even when Robert Quarry's not playing a vampire, he wears enough pancake to pass for one.
Vincent Price is faster than The Flash.
This clockwork band sure does get around!
Seriously, who hears bagpipes and goes toward them?
The Clockwork Band! Live at Edinburgh!
He has nothing to say sir!
Uh-oh, boss fight.
"It's my key! You can't have it! Nah-nah-ne-poopy!"
@word_countess I'd run away from bagpipes even if it was on the radio.
Phibes seems not to know the pharoahs are actually dead.
I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be rooting for, but Team Phibes all the way.
This is the hammiest episode of "Legends of the Hidden Temple" I've ever seen.
@Kinetograph It must have been a pain in the butt to do a second take. Not that I expect they did very many...
Do we get to hear Biederbeck play cornet?
There's no place like home.
Now on K-Tel Records: Vincent Price sings the hits of Judy Garland!
Too bad Vinny never did a Golden Throats LP.
I wanna know who played the Tuba!
@word_countess Terry-Thomas of course.
If you liked that, kids, the first one IS better, but not on streaming. Recommended!
@GenXnerdyou should do Bride of the Monster soon
@word_countess I'd recommend the first one too.