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What follows is a curated archive of Drive-In Mob's movie mafia live-tweeting the viewing of Food of the Gods on Netflix. Come join us next Thursday for Blaxploitation Horror 2, with Blacula and Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde. The curated archive removes all retweets, repeated statements or off-topic tweets, and the standard hashtags (#driveinmob #foodofthegods).

Start food of the gods!
Arkoff, Gordon, Wells! One of these things is not like the other.
Marjoe! W00!
Couldn't hear you, Boat Driver. VoiceOver was too loud.
Marjoe's narration must have inspired Charles B. Pierce. #AndTheLegendContinues
Son, Nature will KICK your ass!
Jumping ... fences ... in ... slow ... motion ...
Is this filmed here? PNW?
Man, that dog bark really travels.
BTW I am 42% sure this is based on a true story.
@TonjiaAtomic I thought it was filmed in Canada, but I'm not positive.
Oh, no, Lonesome Dove flashbacks...
I had a German Short Hair pointer but he was murdered by a Chevy work van a year ago.
This is the worse opener to A Game of Thrones episode yet.
I don't even know what the fuck those things are. Birds? Bats?
Oh ... wasps. My bad.
This is just like that scene in THE HUNGER GAMES.
The venom turned him into George Kennedy.
Giant Mosquitos provided by the special effects team behind THE ALIEN FACTOR.
This genuinely scared me as a kid, btw.
Anyone remember that game Cooties?
He turned into Stay Puft!
I thought those were flying monkeys.
@MnstrIsleResort And what, may I ask, did you think those creatures were when you were a kid?
Oh that's cool- Canada IS my backyard.
FUCKING LOL at the giant chicken.
Where the heck was the Terminix Man when we needed him   
@CM_MattD Obviously, I thought they were what they are---SCARY!
He's being attacked by a pavement album cover
You might say he's cockblocking.
I have a dozen chickens and I never EVER turn my back on them!
Grandma always said poultry is hateful.
AHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA!!!! Giant chicken is the best!!!
"You had no business messing with my cocks!"
I got 'em at Costco. Only have time to shop every couple months, mister.
Dude she totally knows. She knows...
"Where the hell did you get those goddamn chickens!"
"Look, lady, I've already seen your chickens." #WorstPornoEver
You Choked My Chicken!!   
@DriveInMob That is one of the most obscure references ever. It's not even a fucking album ... just an EP. :)
Maybe the giant chickens can help with the rat problem?
Giant chicken attack. "Where the hell didja get those chickens."
Marjoe was caught off guard by Ida Lupino's enormous cock.
Marjoe Gortner is taking giant chickens pretty much in stride!
haha! “@CM_MattD: @DriveInMob That is one of the most obscure references ever. It's not even a fucking album ... just an EP. :) ”
"Ferry vehicle traffic only" -- dun dun duuuuuunnnn.
I don't think these guys would make it in today's NFL
@word_countess I was thinking the same thing.
Sometimes your luck runs out and the high likelihood of being killed by giant bugs catches up with you.
“@FOURDK: Anyone remember that game Cooties? ” Yes!
A little more ran out than just luck to be killed by muted wasps.
The riveting DISEMBARKING THE FERRY scene. hG wells was a master!
getglue won't let me check in for this movie- but it is telling me that there is a PART 2!
@TonjiaAtomic There is indeed a part 2. Hoo boy, that movie!
Hey, it's the paranoid drug addict military guy from Fallen Skies!
So "food of the gods" isn't pizza-flavored Combos?
I'd be lathering myself in OFF and SKIN SO SOFT by the boatload
Ida Lupino and Ray Milland would be such a cute senior couple, defying the forces of nature in their isolated strongholds.
Grub of the Gods.
"Not my peaches, you damn dirty rats!" Somber music.
Sigh. . .poor Ida Lupino. All she wanted was some good preserves!
Get them off, Ida!
@CM_MattD Oh right, this is another one of those HG Wells novels Bert I. Gordon had narrated to him by a hopped up insectophobe.
Literal LOL. RT:“@CM_MattD: Grub of the Gods. ”
When gigantic maggots start feeding on my hand, I make sure to hold it stock still like that for the camera.
Was Bert I. Gordon a little guy? Just wondering.
@CM_MattD No they are the true food of the gods once they were invented!
wow- mutant caterpillars don't waste time.
@FOURDK He was smaller than me when I met him, but he's also pretty old now.
I like how Ida was like, "Oh no, you're not going anywhere, worm. I'm going to scream in your fucking ear."
Ida Lupino uses her mighty acting to sell those giant rubber maggots into being horrifying.
Wow what a lazy FX guy!!
This is the greatest movie ever.
Oh, rats. #charliebrown
So giant rats make a sound somewhere between an angry cat and a TARDIS...
My how Willard's friends have grown!
You can't see it but Willard is standing in the tree line!
I mean ... this is not NIGHT OF THE LEPUS ... but still...
I buy giant chickens waaaaaay more than Pro Marjoe.
Cue.Michael Jackson song... Ben   
isn't the REAL food of the gods that canned fruit salad, cool whip, mini marshmallows thing?
OMG!! I love the men in rat suits CUT TO close of real rats. It adds to the authenticity.
Give me more scenes like that rat attack scene and this movie has me ... sold.
@CM_MattD If Netflix gets Night of the Lepus, we must have an emergency Internet-wide tweetalong. It will be a public holiday.
isn't that sid ceasar?
Maybe a pregnant woman could find a better place to stand than in front of the winnebago while he guns the motor
The girl was pregnant! So?
Okay, that's just about enough character development for those two.
@aytiws What can I say? Love the giant bunnies.
Existential questions abound in this film, like "who put this goddamn gate here?"
Ralph Meeker rules.
Maybe we can get some grub...   
Jack, I think you better impregnate me now, or else we have no hope of being saved in case something happens.
@CM_MattD @driveinmob without an unintentional deletion: It made me happy.
@ADignorantium that was last night. #atomiccinema #willard
Oh, I'm sorry. I meant *deserving* to be saved. #personalbugaboo
#FailedSelfHelpBook “@ADignorantium: You Choked My Chicken!! ”
Show 'em your chickens, Ida!
Rats in the bong? Heavens!
The awful, giant Mr. Skinner.
Chicken caucuses? Could they have got a sober actor to deliver these lines.
Ralph Meeker should eat the food. That would be the most awesome turn of events ever
It's The Stuff.
They got "et" by the real big ones?
@DriveInMob Oh, jeez. That's Ralph Meeker? This movie is like a film noir icons' graveyard.
@MnstrIsleResort "Socrates!!!!"
“@CM_MattD: It's The Stuff. ” I love that movie.
These ferry scenes are as tedious as an actual ferry ride. #realtime
So this is like a cross between The Stuff and Village of the Giants with guys in rat costumes?
every time I find weird sludge on the ground I mix it with cat food and feed it to my cats
Eh, I've seen Ida in too many high society roles to accept the poor rural Southern affectation.
I actually prefer Larry Cohen to Bert I. Gordon (sorry Bert!).
This would be more fun if they prepackaged the grown muck in colorful containers, like in The Stuff.
You say tedious, @DriveInMob, I say "patience, science!" #existential
my cats won't eat the weird sludge off the ground that I found unless I mix it with some cat food.
Yars Attacks
Look! really bad animation!
No, go back to the melancholy ferry. I certainly am not looking for giant animal attacks in a Bert I. Gordon movie.
Does Bert I. hold any records for most forced perspective movies or anything?
I want to see the raw footage of Ralph Meeker swatting at nothing without the bad fx and buzzing sounds
Try new OFF! Giant Critter Spray!   
@word_countess Actually, I think he does. Maybe not in an official capacity, though.
@MnstrIsleResort Oh, hell yeah. Bert didn't have a "Q" in him.
@aytiws @cm_mattd You aren't alone.
Meeker's gone meek!
Well, yeah. "@MnstrIsleResort: I actually prefer Larry Cohen to Bert I. Gordon (sorry Bert!). "
@FOURDK That kind of genius occurs once in a millenium!
If they remade this today, evil business guy = Sam Neill.
Ha, my husband is trying to join and synch up. He said- are they slapping birds now?
@dmreds I know, it's a pretty obvious and unfair comparison.
who will be wearing the next beige outfit?
W.A.S.P.S gone crazy!   
Oh, God. Ralph probably really is drunk. I feel horrible now. "Kiss Me Deadly" is one of my favorite movies.
With giant RATTs! RT:“@ADignorantium: W.A.S.P.S gone crazy! ”
I don't mind women around when I'm facing danger. Oh, can I come along?
He seems pretty broken up about the death of his friend.
You want the baby to be named Douchebag?
She kicked because she wants you to get off the goddamn island.
Yeah, but I don't B.I. Gordon. "@MnstrIsleResort: @dmreds I know, it's a pretty obvious and unfair comparison. "
Those rats have enormous balls, says my wife.
You know, I really care about these characters. Now, please gorily kill them with giant critters.
@TonjiaAtomic I think they took it word for word, including "they got et by the big ones."
Ben, the two of us need look no more....   
hhehehehe. . .rats roar like lions!
“@CM_MattD: Those rats have enormous balls, says my wife. ” Bigger than yo-- wait, never mind.
Might the gods want some snacks before the main course?
Looks like the hive ate that growing muck, too!
Come out with your stingers UP!   
Whack that giant hornet nest with a stick! #teamgiantsnimal
Yes yes, stick your hand in the giant wasp's nest.
@Kinetograph They are too big to notice pesky humans!
When stranded in the woods, always feed the wildlife.
Are they killing the wasps or saving them from a second floor window?
Those wasps must've been hidin' explosives.   
"The Earth gave way..." #existential
Danger prone Daphne, stuck in a giant rat warren... #Tsk
Are they exploding the wasp nest in the day or the night time?
The only sin, Mrs. Skinner, is your goddamned stupidity!
Yes. RT @CulturalGutter Are they exploding the wasp nest in the day or the night time?
“@word_countess: Danger prone Daphne, stuck in a giant rat warren... #Tsk” Rut row.
At least they showed that rat footage in reverse instead of repeating it the same way again.
They just can't help but feed strange goo to all the animals- they can't help it!
Little Timmy fell down the well? again?
They used a rat's eye lens for those shots.
Is there anything paper mâché and plaster of Paris can't do?
He hit that rat with a red paintball!!!
@dmreds I have a fondness for him :)
That's right trumpet effect, fade away and stammer, fade away and stammer.
...and the white rat, is talking backwards.   
Don't hurt the rat! It's pregnant!
This is like mst3k without the robots - unless some of you are robots....
@Kinetograph You beat me to that tweet!
Oh my god! it's a rat on a piece of cardboard!!!!
The rats done et the RV!
Do you think one day the giant rats came after Gordon for his treatment of non-giant rats.
Jeeps are pretty dangerous even when not confronting giant killer stuff.
I think the white rat's name is Algernon.
Holy crap! There's a rat One-Eye!
He h ehe, cardboard camper. #cute
how is it worse than he thought?
Oh good. Close the gate. That'll keep out the giant wild life. :/   
And that, my friends, is why the gate is there. #existential
@aytiws @MnstrIsleResort Socrates!
Watching him slop the ooze is making me gag just a teeny bit.
You could be a dues ex machina.
If he drank some of the stuff, would he become an even bigger ass?
I actually think that RV effects scene is pretty decent. I prefer that to CG.
These rats didn't learn to swim as small rats... Oh never mind.
"Nobody could be a whore like you. You're numbah one."
and the winner of the best beige overcoat and/or sweater, jacket goes to...
@MnstrIsleResort "Forced Perspective: The Life and Times of Bert I. Gordon." [cue intro music]
Star wars was a year later #sfx
It's all my fault/ her pregnancy or her being out here?
Brought to you by Imperial, for when it's easier to drink your life away than to survive giant rats.
Bert, you can make animals as big as you want, but you can't make them look like they give a shit.
Rats get mad and scream like panthers.
@FOURDK Yeah, he can't make them look like they give a rat's ass.
Football training makes you extra good at rat counting.
Eiji Tsuburaya put Bert I. Gordon shame almost 20 years earlier than this.
I want a rat vs. velociraptor scene
They are too fat from eating all that food of the gods!
Rats the size of teletubbies! Teletubbies the size of elephants!
Have they tried using a giant piece of cheese?
Rats WERE harmed during the making of this movie
Yay, giant ray heads!
@DriveInMob Sadly, yes, many of them were.
Is it odd that I actually grill Rat for dinner tonight while watching this movie?
In the new remake, Tourettes Guy will be playing Ralph Meeker's part.
Smash the bottles so the liquid spills on the ground where more animals can drink it.
I bet all of this was caused by a briefcase ralph meeker had opened 20 years earlier
Some really nice matte work on the cabin there.
The FX in this isn't Birdemic lazy but they are rather sad!!
Oh sh-t really? That is a shame that any rat would be harmed to make a movie such as this. Rat gods frowning. @MnstrIsleResort @DriveInMob
Cringeworthy moments here.
I know why the rats are after the jerky people now, but I don't know why they were before.
@DriveInMob From the Great Whatsit to the Great WTF.
Is this where the Living Dead come in?   
Has anyone tried just talking to the rats? Working it out like adults?
are the rats burping?
Oh no! The Well's run dry!   
I have decided... I am on the Rat's side in this film.... Come on Ben, lead us to victory!
@TonjiaAtomic Yeah. :/
"Someone run to the hardware store and bring back a shitload of D-Con"
@MnstrIsleResort Checking out. See you on the other side.
@GenXnerd I'm with you! Go rats! kill 'em!
When are you ever with the humans in a giant monster movie? @genxnerd
The 70s? No, it's not crazy at all.
@aytiws Along with their army of atomic supermen?
# You may be right You may be crazy But it just might be a giant rat you're looking for #FeelingSillyNow
Yes, it's crazy. You weren't raised right, you freaky loon.
@morbusiff never......?
There are giant rats outside... and... and you want to Make Out???   
Please bone me before we are eaten by giant rats. kthx.
Sure I'm afraid, but more... I'm bothered.
"I know my husbands not comming back to me" good thing to say when there's a pregnant lady ready to give birth.
So, the ASPCA really doesn't give a shit about rats is what I'm getting out of this.
Getting eaten by rats is a calling.
I have a basement full of chickens that I am sure I shouldn't have allowed to watch this movie!!
If we survive you'll be grateful for these preserves!
The Mouse ...er Rat... That Roared!   
Maybe it's crazy but hanging out with an older lady & pregnant one being attacked by giant rats, makes me horny.
Director- "Hey would it be easier to make giant rats or a little house?" FX Guy- "Uh... I like to smoke pot!"
eeee- I don't like all the rat shootings!
The least classy moment of Ida lupino's life
140k breakdown of tonight... Frogs can and will most likely be toads and giant rats are also sometimes just mice.
"Quick! Someone make love to me!"
@DriveInMob Dont know what's less classy, this or Joan Crawford crawling through the muck calling, TROG! TROOOG!
yes! finally some color in those jackets, too bad its old lady blood.
So where does Food Of The Gods come down on the existence of God? I need to know!
Our hero is a loser for not sleeping with that girl.
I didn't know Marjoe was in the A-Team!
@GenXnerd And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
@TonjiaAtomic Mr. and Mrs. Skinner fed the muck to their animals because they thought it was food from God.
It's like Cecil B. Demille directed that dam-busting scene!
Congratulations! Your bay has a... has a... has a... TAIL!   
It's...... the Davis baby.
That must smell awful.
Amazingly, this movie makes Village Of The Giants the more faithful adaptation of this story.
its a boy! Rat! Its Ratboy!
God, it's starting to look like broth.
Hmm, so they are surrounded and trapped! I live it when a plan comes together.
You mean they thought it was ambrosia salad with lil' marshmallows n stuff? Yum!
Rat broth.
Feed your heaaadd!
I guess we should have got rat insurance.
This actually makes Troll 2 seem like a quality movi..... I can't even lie for humor and say it.
"R.U.O.S's Rodent's of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist." -Princess Bride
Troll 2 is more fun. it's weirder
Mmmmm Roasted Rat!   
Troll 2 is definitely more fun.
@aytiws Rat head puppets please.
You.re right, putting that oatmeal on top of that pile of giant dead rats does make them look more appetizing.
They spent all their money on the big stuffed rats in this scene.
@GenXnerd Oh my Goooooooooooooood!
Yeah, go ahead, pour that crap on the dead rats. They'll just turn into BIGGER ZOMBIE RATS!
Giant cows! And they sound like grizzlies! #MakeThisMovie
I hope we got all that nature. If not...
Giant COWS!
Mad milking COW!!!!!!!
and the earth pissed mud juice one more time.
Cut to Native American with a tear in his eye.   
They are really milking this concept for all it's worth.
yeah, the super intelligent messiah always gets the shaft!
Ben N Jerry's family farms pledge not to use milk from cows treated with Food of the Gods.
THE END? (Us, 35 years later: "YUP!")
If I've learned anything from Willard and Food Of The Gods, regular or giant, rats will turn on you... well, if you abuse them.
Also, the jar labeled FOTG is even better than the jar labed POISON in Frogs!
So THAT explains America's obesity problem. :\   
So that's why so many kids nowadays are lactose intolerant.
@FOURDK Actually, no. There was a Food of the Gods 2.
Please let there be a goofy cartoon rat at the end of these credits.
@FOURDK If only.
Salvatore you should have been more in charge of Post-Production.
Next week has a Blaxploitation Horror Double Feature!
@TonjiaAtomic I thought Barbara Peeters all but disowned that movie?
The Rats - The Rat's Revenge [1963] http://t.co/5fv99RcV
Well, time to turn into a pumpkin. Maybe a giant one tonight. Thanks, everybody! Night!
@TonjiaAtomic That's nice to hear. So many rumors abound. I do love that movie, though!
@CulturalGutter The rats prefer soy. It's all part of their plan!
This was fun. Thanks! Goodnight!
http://t.co/H76kKSSR CALENDAR of upcoming movies
After tonight's feature, I need to go wash off. ...and maybe check for giant rodents. {:-] - Good night all.