Disobey on Drupal 7 and... Bartik?!

During DrupalCon Denver 2012, I decided to randomly upgrade Disobey.com from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7... live and without any testing or preparation. Part of my reticence for upgrading in the past was my custom theme: I simply had no interest in upgrading it to the new stuff in 7. My work of late keeps me far away from theming, and I've come to prefer "default interfaces" for things (thus why I've never tweaked my wiki's look and feel). And, generally speaking, I wasn't a fan of any of the popular Drupal contributed themes - they either required just as much work to get somewhere (Zen, ninesixty, etc.) or had crazy dependency trees that made me ROFL (Omega).

But, by this point, I didn't really care! I was frustrated with my stop motion, so I decided to use Corolla from Adaptive Themes. After fiddling with that for a few days, I hated how it looked on the iPad (and its responsive design was its primary selling point to me), and grew frustrated by some bug which caused background coloring or images on the site header to stop stretching across the full viewing width.

Screw it, I said again! I switched to core's Bartik. It's a default theme and will likely last another core version or two, right? Still, I couldn't leave well enough alone and I've just finished my 275 line CSS reskin. Disobey.com now looks nearly exactly like it did under Drupal 6, only with Bartik under Drupal 7. I no longer have to maintain a full theme, and I can just worry about CSS from now on. Works for me.