Achievements 7.x-1.2 released

Achievements 7.x-1.2 has been released:

  • Achievement unlock notifications are now JS fadeins and offline-able.
    • We no longer use drupal_set_message() to inform of an unlock.
    • A new achievement-notification.tpl.php controls the appearance.
    • Unlock notifications now fade in and out at the window's bottom right.
    • We now track whether a user has seen an achievement unlock notification.
    • If they haven't, they will the next time they login or access the site.
  • Leaderboard top rank counts can now be tweaked in the relevant configs.
    • This is in preparation for "relative leaderboards" planned for 7.x-1.3.
  • Unlocked achievements on user/#/achievements can now be unsorted.
    • That is, instead of "move to top" they can remain "as defined in code".
    • Defaults to "move to top". Config at admin/config/people/achievements.
  • Block 'achievements-leaderboard' renamed with underscores not dashes.
    • If you're using this block, you'll need to place it again upon upgrade.
  • Fixed a few PHP warnings when a user has yet to unlock any achievements.
  • Achievement unlocks are now logged in watchdog.
  • Variables are now properly deleted on uninstall.