Achievements 7.x-1.0 released

The first "official" version of my Achievements module is now available for Drupal 7.x. Achievements originated as a Drupal 6 module from 2008 which I just never got around to properly supporting with a Drupal project - it has lived the past three years as a tarball attached to an issue. Due to some recent interest from others, however, I've since finalized a new 1.0 with lots of incremental improvements, with a particular eye toward supporting very large installations. These same interested parties will be satisfying a number of new features and improvements over the coming weeks, including:

  • Per-achievement images and the ability to categorize your milestones.
  • Manual/administrative granting/removing of achievements.
  • A JavaScript popup, ala Xbox 360 or World of Warcraft, instead of drupal_set_message().
  • Progress meters for grindish achievements.

...and a healthy bit more.