Bot 7.x-1.3 released

My Drupal IRC bot.module received a new release today, bringing it to 7.x-1.3:

  • #273116: bot_auth.module added (thanks snufkin, RobLoach).
  • scripts/bot_start.php: the new location of bot_start.php.
  • scripts/ added: restarts the bot if it's not running.
  • #524218: Drush integration added (thanks jonhattan, q0rban, sirkitree).
  • is now a text column (required for large installations).
  • All incoming messages are forced to UTF-8 (thanks bellHead, nick_vh).
  • #918966: New Net_SmartIRC wrapper; hook_irc_access added (thanks Bevan).
  • All forgotten strlens()s have been changed to drupal_strlen().
  • All forgotten substr()s have been changed to drupal_substr().
  • First release for Drupal 7.x; based on 6.x-1.2 release.