Link Dumpage for 2010-06-02

Notable links enjoyed today:

  • Delicious tags: games puzzles magazines
    "P&A Magazine is a bi-monthly "puzzle hunt" magazine sold on-line, featuring a puzzle extravaganza (a series of interconnected puzzles leading to a single solution). Each issue contains logic, word, and trivia puzzles intended to challenge even the most hard-core solver."
  • "Walker shuns the sort of bibliomania that covets first editions for their own sake—many of the volumes that decorate the library's walls are leather-bound Franklin Press reprints. What gets him excited are things that changed the way people think, like Robert Hooke's Micrographia. Published in 1665, it was the first book to contain illustrations made possible by the microscope. He's also drawn to objects that embody a revelatory (or just plain weird) train of thought. "I get offered things that collectors don't," he says. "Nobody else would want a book on dwarfs, with pages beautifully hand-painted in silver and gold, but for me that makes perfect sense."
  • Delicious tags: puzzles games logic
    "PuzzlePicnic originated from the wish to create an online community for those who like logic puzzles. Besides providing the opportunity to solve some nice puzzles from our collection and relax, we also want to become a platform for people who like to design their own puzzles and get them published online."
  • Delicious tags: games math puzzles
    Incredibly detailed resource for math puzzles. No RSS.