Link Dumpage for 2010-05-29

Notable links enjoyed today:

  • Delicious tags: writing fiction
    "Fictionaut is a vibrant literary community that is opening exciting new possibilities for short fiction and poetry. Part self-selecting magazine, part community network, Fictionaut is a way for readers to discover new voices and for writers to share their work, gain recognition, and connect with their audience and each other."
  • Delicious tags: books club fiction reading
    Various message board based book clubs: The Next Best Book Club, SciFi and Fantasy Book Club, The Rory Gilmore Book Club (o_O), etc. Non-topical clubs are heavily feminine (like most I've seen), there's doesn't appear to be a huge amount of leeway between nomination and the start of reading, and it's hit or miss on whether there's driven discussion or come as you will.
  • Classic Works of Literature, Philosophy, Science, History and Exploration and Travel. All books available under a Creative Commons License. "These web-books are intended to be new editions — Web editions — rather than facsimiles of previous editions. The key objectives are accessibility and readability. The implication of this is that we have generally made no attempt to retain pagination or other textual references which may have been in the source edition."
  • "MST3K fans love to quote Joel Hodgson: "The right people will get it." And they always do; there's no disputing that. But occasionally, the wrong people want in on the joke. Not to say that you're the wrong person, of course — just that you're not the right person yet ... If you've ever seen the show, there's bound to have been some joke that you laughed at but left your friends or family scratching their heads. No one gets all the riffs (at least, no one that needs this site). So why not pool our collective knowledge of obscure and not-so-obscure knowledge, organize, categorize, and give everyone the benefit of our surplus of free time?"