This week at Textploitation (July 20th, 2009)

Today, we start something called Textploitation which is, by design, nothing truly exciting. There is no innovation here, no special come’uppance, no inherited feelings of elitism. The site serves the singular purpose of getting us, myself and long-time friend and project-partner John Treacy, to finish a small bit of fiction every Monday. We have no illusions that what we’ll write will be awesome or the gift of greatness to America: it is solely practice. Some releases will be final, others will be serialized week to week. If it turns out that our combined output is of some quality, great; if not, we’ll keep at it, realizing that our goal all along was to do so until it is.

You're more than welcome to comment on any of the stories or pages by using the "Discussion" tabs.

This week’s releases are The Shame (page 1) by John Treacy, wherein a small-town sheriff has the lurid details of his off-duty activities exposed, and Morbus Iff’s Untitled 1 (page 1), wherein a single bubble leads to fleeing sisters and an exasperated mother.