First in a series about the Kindle 2

The first in my technical series on the Kindle 2 has been posted over at O'Reilly:

The Kindle 2 is the first e-reader I've wanted to buy for numerous reasons, chief of which are an undying love for Amazon (first purchase in 1999, Amazon Prime member, bakes the UPS guy cookies, 10,000 products rated, etc.), and the necessity of support for Mac OS X, my preferred OS. While I've demo'd the Sony Readers at my local Borders, they never pushed me over the edge of purchasing, especially with the tacit agreement that I'd be unsupported. I've also never been a fan of "serious" reading on a phone or a PDA - it's a bit like reading a 2000 page children's book, with only a paragraph or two at most per viewport.

When the Kindle 2 was announced, a number of questions I had the first time around resurfaced. After some investigation, I found some answers, true, but mostly came away with more questions and a general need for more info. This series will attempt to address my own concerns in exacting detail...